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Property in Malaysia : Renting vs Buying 1

Ah… there it is, the age-old question of the century. Should you rent a home, or buy instead? How do we draw the line and recognize if we’re making a financially wise, or not-so-wise decision? People move out of their family homes to pay monthly rent and get their own places for numerous reasons. Some common ones that come to mind are – A need for privacy, relocating for the sake of a job, overseas studies, migration. Meanwhile others leave home for more unfortunate reasons – Bad blood with the family, getting thrown out of the house by your folks and eviction. The list is endless, but the goal is fundamentally the same, to have a place of your own.


租房 vs 买房:买房更常见吗?

The short answer to the question is a yes. Strangely enough, there seems to be a bias whenever the topic is thrown into a conversation. Particularly for Malaysians, a majority believe that owning a property is always the way to go. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that society often associates homeownership as a measure of success in adults.
Over time, this causes many of us to anchor homeownership to successful self-worth. We’re sure you’ve heard of the 5C s in life – Cash, Condo, Credit Card, Car & Country Club (apparently, not Choice, Chance & Change). Without the fundamental 3Cs – Cash, Car & Condo, most would not consider you a “successful” individual.


然而,有些人真正希望拥有房产是为了拥有房产,而不仅仅是因为他们被告知要这样做。但事情是这样的,我们很多人都说买房似乎是一件容易的事。 “只需管理您的财务,存钱并拥有自己的位置。当你到达那里时,你就会到达那里。”普通人群有办法愚弄许多人接受购房的理想,但在实用建议方面几乎没有提供。

That brings us to a question that begs to be answered- Just how feasible and attainable can buying a property be? And at which point does the benefits of buying a home outweigh renting one? There are multitude of factors regarding this matter.


租赁与购买:马来西亚的房地产格局 Property in Malaysia : Renting vs Buying 2

First things first, you should know that Malaysia is currently going through a severe phase of property overhang. Property overhang happens for several reasons – A mismatch in seller-to-buyer pricing, poor urban planning, studies inaccurately reporting the state of our property market, the lackadaisical attitude among developers to name a few. And despite the ongoing issues, properties are still as shamelessly expensive as ever.

So, why are Malaysian properties valued at such murderous prices? According to the Global Property Guide, house prices in Malaysia rose an average of 5.2% yearly, 3.3% inflation-adjusted, between 2016-2018. In case some of you don’t know what inflation adjustment is, it means removing the effects of inflation to determine an asset’s actual value – commonly used in investment. Theoretically, if there is a property overhang in our country, housing prices should go down, yes?

嗯……是的,也不是。 2019年以来,房价呈现缓慢但肯定的下行趋势。但过去十年房地产价格上涨如此之大,以至于马来西亚人无论如何仍然难以负担得起房地产,所以这几乎无关紧要。事实上, 国家财产信息中心 或 JPPH 报告称,2020 年吉隆坡和雪兰莪的平均房价分别为 RM778,143 和 RM486,659(数据可在此处获得) MHPI 2020)。简而言之,价格下跌无济于事,因为门槛一开始就设定得非常高。

Pricing and property overhang, two extremely conflicting elements, are insufficient to paint the bigger picture. The other force at play here is the imbalance in the rise of household income to housing prices ratio, which is reported to be 5.6:7.9% as of 2020. Couple that with the recent (and ongoing) MCO that has affected both consumers and property market alike, it’s easy to see people aren’t buying properties still, despite numerous efforts by the government to help consumers afford one i.e.: HOC 2021, 鲁马威普鲁玛雪兰莪.

这里有许多未讨论的因素可能会影响马来西亚人的购房能力。但就目前而言,只要知道残酷的生活成本、收入与房价比率上升的不平衡、房地产过剩、MCO 2020/2021 以及过去通货膨胀导致的昂贵房价是导致今天房地产状况的原因。



出租 Let’s assume the MCO and rising living costs have urged you to rethink your home buying plans and you’re wondering if renting is the better alternative for current housing market. Maybe you are currently renting and would like to find out if your decision is sound. In that case, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of renting a home.


Instead of saying renting is cheaper, we prefer the word predictable expenses. Rent prices are typically fixed until your tenancy agreement with the landlord ends, in which case it is subjected to renewal and potential rental price review. Until then, having a fixed rental price means more leeway in budgeting your financial situation. You need to prepared rental deposits. Knowledge, or clarity in this sense is power, and that allows you to save up or scale back your expenses monthly. There’s a common perception the longer you spend your time renting properties, the bigger your loss. This is because all the money spent doesn’t build equity, which is true.




Flexibility can be both a boon and a bane for many. If you’re unfazed by the sudden request from your landlord to move out of their property like we mentioned above, good for you. But if sudden eviction bothers you, then this is the part and parcel of flexibility that you’ll have to put up with. Overall however, renting allows you to relocate with relative ease. If you find your current living space undesirable, you merely have to stick it out until your tenancy agreement blows over before packing up and leaving. Some may choose to terminate their tenancy agreement early, either by providing a notice period, buying out, or locating a replacement in their place. Worst case scenario, you lose your deposit.

法律影响通常不会因为几个原因而发生 - 一个,诉讼花费一吨,这意味着大多数受影响的各方更喜欢友好地解决问题。第二,诉讼不好玩,一个简单的案子可能需要长达 6 年的时间才能解决,而且它们很耗脑力。第三,它会影响您和在社会、法律和专业上对您提出指控的一方。除非您违反了协议中规定的某种形式的协议,否则大多数人根本不想因此而制造喧嚣。





最重要的是,您首先需要拥有大约 4000-5000 平方英尺的房子。就定价而言,这非常令人生畏。我们不要忘记您必须为特定规格支付的额外费用。为了这些娱乐场所,您将长期支付账单。



Renting a property simply means you’re only living there for a brief period of time. Everything else is secondary. Suppose the area you’re living in suddenly blooms in the property market overnight, and your landlord wants to bump up the rental price. In that case, you might have a reason to worry about the housing costs. Or perhaps your area has suddenly turned into a high crime rate area, your quality of life might take a dip. But neither of these concerns the property value, not unless you’re renting-to-own or looking to resell.



求购 我们已经谈了很多关于租房的事情,并强调了它在这个过程中的一些优点和缺点。的确,买房不会那么糟糕,对吧?一点也不。虽然买房子是件苦差事,而且是一场漫长的艰苦战斗,但它确实有自己的优点。


There is truth in the saying that owning a home brings you and your loved ones a sense of belonging. And perhaps it is the same belonging that has motivated many others to pursue the dream of owning a home for a cliché happily-ever-after. There’s nothing wrong with that if you’re willing to spend a portion of your life paying off mortgages and miscellaneous costs to keep the house running. Even a nomad would eventually think about settling down at some point in their lives, simply because the older we get, the harder it is for us to get around with our mobility. You’ll get the pride of ownership.




Buying a home is one of the most tedious things you’ll ever face as an adult. There is a reason people say buying a home is a painstaking affair. Even after saving up and purchasing a home, you’ll have to tank upfront expenses, ongoing expenses, additional and hidden costs. And we’re not talking about renovations, furnishings and moving homes; we mean closing costs.

You need to consider this range of factors:

  • 印花税,
  • 所有权转让,
  • 买卖协议(SPA),
  • 代理佣金。

所有这些都是在预付 10% 首付和 35 年抵押贷款期限的基础上进行的。但这是人们购买房产的最大原因——建立股权。建筑净值是房地产投资的精华。许多人渴望拥有房产,因为财务回报是可观的,这也是为什么一般人群认为您花费的每一分钱都应该产生某种形式的回报。

确定您的权益很简单。假设你的房子价值RM500,000,你的抵押贷款欠RM300,000。净值是通过从您的财产价值中减去抵押价值来确定的,在这种情况下为 RM200,000。你可以用 RM200,000 做什么?好,

  • 你收到钱,碰巧多了RM200,000,
  • 你用这笔钱支付下一笔首付,
  • 借一个 房屋净值贷款.


  • 您花在偿还债务上的时间越少 –> 您的资产就越高。
  • 您的财产价值增加得越多 –> 您的资产就越高。




Say you’ve bought a house, but you have no plans to live in it for now. Leaving the place vacant is a waste. In that case, you could consider renting it out to, hopefully, a kind and responsible tenant that won’t leave you feeling like you’ve let your place to a tenant from hell. The residential property could be turned into a reliable source of income.

如果租房可以为您提供可预测的每月开支,那么购买并出租房屋将为您提供可预测的月收入。将其视为可以添加到当前面包中的副收入。虽然不言而喻 租金收入应纳税 在马来西亚,所以请记住这一点。如果您打算花一笔钱来维护您的位置,您不妨从中获得一些回报并充分利用空间。


Another point that falls under home equity, though it can stand on its own too. We’ve previously established that owning a home can help build equity. In financial sense for long-term period, it is good for buying a property. The fundamental principle to having better equity is to pay off your loan in the shortest yet most attainable time possible, or spruce up your place and hope to the property market gods that your property value rises. Getting up to the property ladder could be easier for you.

让我们假设这两种情况都不适合您。您的股权低于标准,您的财产价值因市场而下跌。你可以做的另一件事来挽救这种局面,那就是卖掉你的土地。这对于公寓和公寓来说可能有点棘手,但对于有地房产来说,无论结果如何,一块土地的价值总是会升值。那说, 出售土地是一件棘手的事情 就其本身而言,并且需要您进行大量尽职调查才能意识到这一点,因此请考虑警告!



选择较低的复选框 在我们走之前,我们觉得读者应该多了解一些关于租房和买房的关键事情。


首先,您应该意识到银行会查看您的 还本付息率 (DSR) 在确定您是否适合抵押贷款时。 DSR 确定您是否有能力在没有太多挑战的情况下还清债务。这就是您的 DSR 的确定方式。

总债务/净收入 * 100

这里的经验法则是,如果您的 DSR 超过 70%,银行会自动拒绝您的抵押贷款。另一个可以帮助您衡量支出/财务能力的因素是确定您是否过着 50-30-20 规则。诚然,马来西亚的高生活成本使我们很难严格遵守推荐的比率,但如果您离 50-30-20 规则还差得很远,那么退一步重新评估您的购房计划可能是理想的选择.



  • 您的房产售价为 RM495,000,
  • 您需要支付 10% 首付,
  • 您的每月分期付款为 RM1841.21(利率为 3.5%,35 年任期),
  • 4% 成交费用,
  • RM200 每月维护费。


  • 每月RM1,500,
  • 价格每年升值 2%。

我们在一个场景中运行了这两个场景 租与买计算器,并得出以下结论。

Property in Malaysia : Renting vs Buying 3

学分租金 Vs。购买计算器,礼貌 边缘道具

成本: 4 年后,您在马来西亚购买 495,000 令吉房屋的总成本为 647,970 令吉。租房会让你口袋里有 RM564,033(包括你没有花在首付上的钱)。

收益:4 年后,如果您购买,您的房屋将拥有 RM118,177 的净值(出售时可供您使用)。然而,如果你出租和投资你的首付和你省下的其他钱,以 4% 的回报率,它会在 4 年内赚取大约 RM9,955。

总结:查看您的总成本;股权和投资潜力,如果您打算在自己的家中居住 10 年以上,那么买房比租房更好。



许多购房者倾向于放眼大局,想象自己未来 30-50 年。冒着听起来严峻的风险,我们经常担心我们是否能活到足以偿还贷款。显然,我们的目标是确保我们可以优雅地老去并保持健康,但生活有时是不可预测的。即使我们的六个人都有抵押贷款保险,我们也应该随时准备好经受住一些风暴。






Property in Malaysia : Renting vs Buying 4


The dilemma of renting or buying a home is never a straightforward one. There are multitudes of factors that prospective buyers, first-time buyers and renters need to acknowledge at play here that will affect your choice to opt for either one. At the end of the day, it’s important for us to realize that there is no hard and fast rule to homebuying. Ultimately, it all boils down to how we choose to live our lives instead of letting others dictate the major life choices that we make.

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