33 Living Room Wallpaper Ideas For Your Home

Living Room Wallpaper


As the main gathering point for household members and guests, the living room is considered the heart of any home. It is usually the first room you see when you walk into a house. Hence, you should take much care when selecting wallpaper for your living room so it blends in seamlessly with everything else in your home. With living room wallpaper, imperfections can be covered and areas without architectural features are given more detail. 

You can choose from a number of different styles, depending on whether you prefer a soft touch or a bold design. Throughout this article, we’ll be exploring 33 beautiful living room wallpaper ideas that can completely change the look of your home without significantly breaking the bank.

Things to Consider When Choosing Living Room Wallpaper

Living Room Wallpaper

Size of the Room

When selecting the wallpaper for your living room, make sure the pattern you select is appropriate for the room. Patterns with smaller scales make your space look bigger and airy, whereas those with larger scales give your space a more intimate feel. Therefore, picking larger-scale patterns for a small living room is likely to overwhelm it.


In a living room with dim lighting or little natural light, it is best to use wallpapers which reflect light. Such wallpapers are usually those with light colours and smooth surface finishes. Using dark wallpapers or wallpapers which are textured will give your wall a darker appearance in a low-lit room. On the other hand, if your living room contains more natural light or has brighter lighting such as LED and fluorescent lighting, dark wallpapers would be suitable for balancing out the illumination.


Think about the style you want for your living room. Choose wallpapers with bright shades and small, evenly-spaced patterns if you want a bold and fun look. Using large-scale patterns or more elegant designs such as floral prints is a great way to create a more formal look. In addition, you can mix patterns in your living room, but you should do so minimally to avoid overwhelming it. 

Colour Mixing

Wallpaper for your living room should be chosen according to the colour scheme of your home. Colours can affect your mood and be visually stimulating, hence making the proper selection contributes to the upliftment of you and your living room. To give your living room a more spacious look, opt for wallpaper designs which have cool colours such as blue. The soft cool colours give a more calming effect compared to the intense cool colours which give more of a fun ambience. The warm colours, on the other hand, give a more comforting and welcoming atmosphere.

Beautiful Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

Living Room Wallpaper

Mural Wallpaper

Murals are a good way to express your own sense of style, and they do not require you to paint or purchase huge artwork to place over your walls. Placing photorealistic mural wallpaper which is heavily nature-infused and provides a calming effect is a good way to enhance your living room space. In the same way, artistic mural wallpaper which is bold and gives your living room a stylish personality can also be a beautiful addition to your living room.

Ombre Wallpaper

Ombre wallpapers give your house a stylish and elegant look. With the subtle change in colour shade from one side to the other, this custom wallpaper will add an air of peace and ease to your living room. Adding more than one colour to the wallpaper will also make it more visually appealing. Amp up the appeal of your living room with ombre wallpaper.

Floral Wallpaper

Elegant living room designs usually feature floral prints. Soft florals with colours such as dusty pink or baby blue add a splash of sophistication and a touch of exotic flair to your wallpaper design. It is best to have a floral design that does not have too much going on, to avoid having a disorganised look in your living room. For a more stylish effect, textured floral wallpaper can be used. Adding this elevates the space to a whole new level of appeal. Large, bold floral print wallpaper designs look great in a variety of rooms, including the bathroom and bedroom. To subtly enhance your décor, go for soft or formal designs.

Terrazzo Wallpaper

Incorporating terrazzo into your living room gives it a refined aesthetic that goes well with any decor. With pieces of marble, granite or quartz arranged in varying sizes, this piece is a stylish addition to any home. Terrazzo prints are perfect in multi-coloured designs, or in cool colours such as blue. Pastel terrazzo prints also work perfectly in places other than the living room, such as the bedroom and the bathroom.

Abstract Pattern Wallpaper

Another way to add your own flair and style to your designs is by employing abstract patterns for your wallpaper. Abstract designs elevate any living room area with an artistic touch. You should use abstract patterns with complementary colours for your wallpaper design to create a sense of balance and vibrancy.

Teal Wallpaper

Teal is an interesting combination of blue and green, a serene colour combination. With an embellishment of a splash of gold to your teal design, this can take your wallpaper to the next level, lending it a more sophisticated appearance. Teal wallpapers are perfect for bringing colour and charm to your living room. The designs range from simple to elegant and can be used not only in the living room but in the bedroom and dining room as well. A design such as floral etching wallpaper in teal would be a great addition to your bedroom space or living room area.

Geometric Wallpaper

It is a good idea to use wallpapers with geometric designs if you want to create a modern atmosphere in your home. Their versatility allows them to be used in many different styles, including metallic, neutral, and vibrant designs. With strong, sharp replicas, the designs provide a very contemporary look, while with curved and wavy patterns, they create a more traditional style.

Vintage Wallpaper

Not only do vintage wallpapers work well in homes, but also in outdoor venues like cafes and bars. They add a nostalgic feel to the home and are perfectly suited to a more traditional setting. When combined with golden patterns, vintage wallpapers are a perfect touch of glamour. Retro designs are also available, which are influenced by the older original designs, but with their own stylish twist.

Blue Patterned Wallpaper

An atmosphere of calm can be created in any room of your home with blue wallpaper. A blue wallpaper design that features white or gold will add visual interest to your living room and give it a fresher appearance.

Green Palm Leaf Wallpaper

Bring nature indoors with leaf print wallpaper. Their visual appeal and soothing effect give your living room a great deal of character. A couple of plants and other natural elements can easily be paired with the leaf-patterned wallpaper to create a full nature scene. Not only does it look great in the living room, but also in the bathroom and bedroom.

Marble Wallpaper

Marble wallpapers have the ability to transform the look of your home decor in an instant. Using marble wallpaper in your living room area is a great way to give the room a more classy appearance and you can choose from a variety of colours. A statement-making look can be achieved by pairing complementary colours in your living room space, such as blue and gold, grey and gold, or pink and white. It is hard to go wrong with a marble design, and marble wallpapers are stunning in any part of the home. 

Metallic Wallpaper

Metallic wallpapers have an interesting design, and their bright exterior gives them a distinctive appearance. They are perfect for adding a modern style to your home and are available in a variety of patterns and colours, such as geometric, silver and gold. In addition to adding a sense of formality and sophistication to the living room, they aid in reflecting light. In a dim or non-naturally lit living room, this is especially beneficial. 

Metallic wallpapers contain two layers; the layer made of porous paper and the top layer which consists of aluminium foil. The aluminium foil is of a thin density, which has a special coating that makes it moisture resistant. Metallic wallpaper has a finish of varnish, paint or other elements which gives the desired pattern.

Grey Textured Wallpaper

It is a good idea to use textured wallpapers in your living room in order to enhance the visual stimulation of your space. A grey wallpaper will be able to enhance the modern appearance of your living room, while providing an element of luxury with its subtle tones. With this design, you won’t have too many patterns cluttering up your living room too.

Striped Wallpaper

With striped wallpaper, your living room space appears sleek and polished. Selecting stripes with soft grey shades, pastel colours, or complementary colours in the scheme of your living room will provide a pleasant setting that you will enjoy. There is no limit to how many colours you can use for your striped design, as long as your colours complement rather than compete with other elements in your room. It is a perfect addition in the dining room, bedroom and home office area as well.

Bold Chevron Wallpaper

This peel and stick wallpaper boasts trendy designs which fit in well with a wide range of styles. It adds a youthful look to your space, and the zig-zag styles look chic in bright and muted colours. Chevron patterns can be found in sharp angles or shallow zig-zags, depending on what style you are going for.

Portrait Gallery Wallpaper

These stylish wallpapers resemble Victorian photography. As a result, the mood in the room becomes an entirely different one and is perfect in an elegant teal color scheme. It adds a bold statement to your dining room or living room area.

Glasshouse Wallpaper

This botanical wallpaper is adorned with a display of flowers and plants. It is beautiful in tropical prints with slight metallic highlights. Your space will feel like a natural paradise with this exotic style.

Burges Snail Wallpaper

This choice of wallpaper features snails and delicate flowers as its print. It is available in an extensive range of colours and gives your interior design personality.

Renaissance Wallpaper Murals

Renaissance wallpaper murals bring beauty to your home with their detailed artwork. These wallpapers create a great atmosphere and give the room an original touch. Renaissance peel and stick wallpapers are gaining even more popularity in decor and are not only used in the home, but offices as well. They cost lower than actual wall paintings, and provide you with various Renaissance art options.

Wildwood Wallpaper

Wild flowers and leaves are arranged beautifully in a floral pattern on this charming wallpaper. It is influenced by antique botanical drawings. Wildwood wallpaper is available in a variety of cold, neutral and bold colours. 

CAYO LARGO Wallpaper

Named after the famous resort island in the Caribbean, this wallpaper design has a light colour scheme with large painted palm trees, on a background reminiscent of Cuban sunsets. With soft tones and a tropical style, this exotic style wallpaper will fill your home with a pleasant atmosphere.

Jungle Wallpaper

Jungle wallpaper brings in a tropical rainforest into your living space, with the dynamism of the leaf designs and nature-style forest designs. In a neutral colour scheme with a touch of gold, or in a mix of cool colours, this elegant design can transport your home to a tropical island.  

Lace Medallion Wallpaper

The delicate pattern of medallion motifs in a lace-like design makes this wallpaper an ideal choice for a contemporary space. The piece adds sophistication to your dining room or living room area and stuns with an elegant grey or gold colourway.

Pimpernel Wallpaper

This charming wallpaper print consists of a symmetrical pattern of floral trellis in circular shapes. With a bold background and soft-coloured pattern, your living room will be filled with vintage charm.

Pinjara Trellis Wallpaper

This simple design features interlinked, repeating geometric patterns which is native to Central African and Polynesian cultures. It has a tile effect and looks pretty in a variety of colourways.

Pamir Garden Wallpaper

This exotic design scheme displays the 1970’s fashion for foreign cultures and outlandish styles. It represents a Persian garden, with stylised trees containing a variety of animals, and is painted in a fresco style. This wallpaper design is beautiful in a cream or blue colourway.

Blenheim Damask Wallpaper

This elegant wallpaper is a faux silk fabric damask designed in a scroll style. Use lining paper and Blenheim Damask wallpaper in cream to add luxurious touches to your walls.

Squirrel Mountain Wallpaper

This wallpaper design features squirrels on pine branches and is hand-drawn in a variety of natural colours. Infuse your living room with personality by choosing this wallpaper design in pastel shades.

Sarasota Wallpaper

An attractive wallpaper design with pretty pink flamingos in a painterly style displays a lovely setting. There is no doubt that this decorative wallpaper is perfect for a modern living space as your walls will be adorned with an exquisite accent.

Bedford Square Wallpaper

This is a design typical of the late 19th century and the early 20th century. It features delicate blue flowers reminiscent of China in the nineteenth century. This graceful wallpaper design is perfect in an all-blue scheme on a crisp white background, and is sure to transform to your dream space.

Kasuri Wallpaper

This premium quality wallpaper has a hand-made crepe effect and is slightly embossed. Its bold colourways enrich the look of any room and accentuate its upscale appeal.

Karson Wallpaper

This chic design features swirling patterns for an added sense of dimension. An excellent choice for a space refresh, its geometric patterns take on wave designs in a new, exciting way. Blue and grey are the most popular colors.

Silk Burlap Wallpaper

Walls will look rich and textured with this beautiful vinyl wallpaper. It is durable, waterproof and adds an extra level of luxury to any living room. It is also a good choice when considering bedroom wallpaper ideas.


Living Room Wallpaper

A living room is the centerpiece of a house and when it is properly designed, it gives the whole home a sense of harmony. Living room wallpaper is an important aspect of home décor, as any mistake can negatively influence the rest. Complementary wallpaper designs should be used for maximum effect, or your living room will give off an impression that is unorganized and chaotic. 

The wallpaper can also be used on one half of your walls, either at the top or the bottom. Likewise, you can decide to place wallpaper on the ceiling area, or a key piece of furniture such as your shelves or a sideboard. This is a good way to elevate your living room and also cut down on expenses which will be used for a larger amount of wallpaper. 

When selecting wallpaper for your living room, keep your budget in mind, but don’t sacrifice the style you desire. It is best to consult a professional, such as an interior designer when unsure of what type of wall covering should be used for your living room walls.

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