Rumah Selangorku:基本指南

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In the year 2014, Rumah Selangorku was introduced by the Selangor State Government led by the state’s very own Lembaga Perumahan dan Hartanah Selangor (LPHS) . This was done to deliver affordable houses to qualifying citizens within the state of Selangor, a densely populated area with around 6.57 million inhabitants. With the skyrocketing prices of affordable homes construction in a popular area as Selangor, owning a house is a huge issue for many especially, those from the average and lower economic spectrum. These groups of underprivileged people would have no choice but to live in rented units with high rental rates. When push comes to shove, they would be forced to evacuate from these rented spaces and find other means of accommodation.

什么是Rumah Selangorku?

现在,通过Rumah Selangorku计划,合格住房项目的开发商被要求建造具有指定房屋类型,大小和最高售价的特定数量的经济适用住房。确定这些方面时,应考虑开发的位置和大小。这些属性必须与LPHS的目标相一致,即建设优质但价格可承受的房屋,从而使贫困群体的人们可以毫不费力地拥有自己的房屋。

Rumah Selangorku是在私营部门的帮助下发起的,并寄予厚望,希望能够解决Selangor州的房屋所有权和负担能力问题,这是一个长期而持久的难题。 Rumah Selangorku旨在解决的另一个问题是市场中的住房供需不匹配。

Construction of Rumah Selangorku Houses

鲁玛雪兰莪根据与相关房地产开发商的协议,Rumah Selangorku房屋应在房屋项目的第一个开发阶段或与其他住宅单元同时建造。对于未能遵守本协议的行为,将采取严格的措施。这包括暂停整个开发项目,批准建筑计划以及颁发适用性证书。因此,不会出现诸如开发商未能达到Rumah Selangorku配额或延迟建设等问题。

Rumah Selangorku eligibility


To own a house of affordable housing developments under the Rumah Selangorku scheme, the following are the conditions that must be met:

  • 超过18岁
  • A citizen of Malaysia (Malaysian citizens)
  • 雪兰莪州的居民
  • Must not own property before this (first-time home buyers)
  • Income status: A maximum household income of RM 10,000
  • 每个家庭只能有1个申请
  • 有受抚养人的单身申请人可以申请

Rumah Selangorku application


Rumah Selangorku计划的应用程序是完全在线的。这意味着与在国家或其他州实施的其他住房计划不同,它不能通过书面文件或亲自申请。但是,要成为自豪的房主,要遵循这些步骤非常简单。

这是申请Rumah Selangorku计划的分步指南:


第2步: 登录后,需要提供一些文件以确认您是否有资格加入Rumah Selangorku计划。这些文件包括:

  1. 身份证复印件
  2. 儿童/家属的出生证明(如果有)
  3. 结婚证书或类似文件的复印件(如果适用)
  4. 雇主或誓言专员对单身自雇申请人的确认信(如果适用)
  5. 誓言专员的工资单,银行对帐单或收入证明(如果适用)
  6. 失业配偶宣誓委员会的法定声明(如果适用)
  7. EPF声明(如果适用)
  8. 水电费账单复印件
  9. 信用报告,例如来自中央信用参考信息系统(CCRIS)和/或信用提示服务(CTOS)的信用报告

第三步: 提交你的申请

将通过电子邮件或信件与Rumah Selangorku计划的成功申请人联系,以确认他们选择的房产。请注意,通过比较优胜者资格标准和潜在优势,对他们进行择优评估。

Terms & Conditions for Rumah Selangorku

Despite the flexibility that a Rumah Selangorku scheme offers, there are a few important pieces of information that one should note before applying for a house under the Rumah Selangorku scheme. This includes the fact that owners can’t sell the property within 5 years of purchase, and they can’t rent out the properties too.

After 5 years, an applicant can sell the house under approval from the State Government. In regards to the applications, one must reapply after 2 years if the application is unsuccessful and applicants who turn down a house offer are deemed as an inactive applicant for 2 years. Prospective applicants are not allowed to choose the house too. This means they’ll be assigned to one by the state government by merit. It should be noted that applicants are not allowed to appeal for the rejection of their application.

Cons of Rumah Selangorku Scheme

有了明确的好处,在根据Rumah Selangorku计划拥有房屋之前,也应该考虑缺点。这对于确保自己拥有房屋的过程中的障碍物最小或无障碍是非常重要的。这些障碍包括隐性成本和公众对Rumah Selangorku计划下房屋的认知。考虑到这些因素,将会影响人们对根据Rumah Selangorku计划申请房屋的看法。

以下是根据Rumah Selangorku计划申请房屋的不利条件:

Hidden Costs


As far as cheap house ownership programs go, it doesn’t cover the extra effort (and extra costs) from the applicant’s end. It looks good from the outside because the houses under this scheme are cheap but what about the additional costs incurred? This includes miscellaneous costs such as stamp duty for the transfer of ownership title, sale and purchase agreement (SPA) legal fees, stamping for SPA and loan agreement, SPA legal disbursement fee, loan agreement legal fee, the fee for the transfer of ownership title, government tax on legal agreements and bank processing fee for loans.

The non-disclosure of additional costs as such would definitely be a huge let-down for buyers of the houses from the Rumah Selangorku scheme who might be enthralled by the pricing of the houses but eventually fail to notice these additional costs. They might as well be buying a regular house with more benefits at hand. Apart from that, successful applicants for the Rumah Selangorku scheme are no different from regular buyers. A 10% down payment of the house price is required in addition to the miscellaneous charges aforementioned. A major downside faced by buyers of this scheme would be the fact that they could not benefit from various property deals and purchase exemptions such as the stamp duty exemption. This is because the houses purchased are below RM 300,000 and this stamp exemption applies for houses within the range of RM 300,000 to RM 1,000,000.

Transportation Cost

从长远来看,交通和附近的设施无疑是至关重要的,特别是对于工作的个人和家庭。通常,根据Rumah Selangorku计划进行的住房项目被放置在与主要高速公路和公共交通的连通性较低的地区。这最终将增加每日的运输成本。实际上,如果成功的申请人要在5年后出售自己的房屋,则由于房屋的位置以及难以获得娱乐场所和便利设施的缘故,房屋很有可能不会被出售。


鲁玛雪兰莪Although the outlook of properties under the Rumah Selangorku scheme might seem appealing to some people, many still beg to differ. The mere sound of a low-cost housing area incites various bad remarks among the general public. This includes discriminating those from low-cost houses due to its association with lack of cleanliness, people with lower education levels and people from the lower economic spectrum.

Despite Rumah Selangorku houses straying far away from the narrative of low-cost houses, the public’s perception remains. Buyers of Rumah Selangorku houses would be highly attracted to the low price offered but in the long run, they might be disappointed with the fact that the house owned might not have much land value. This factor is heavily linked to the public’s perception of Rumah Selangorku houses nevertheless. The worst-case scenario would be the inability for the owners to sell the house after more than 5 years. Economically, this would stunt the financial growth of house owners under this scheme as they might not be able to own a house that’s in line with their needs.

Limited Buyers


List of Properties for Rumah Selangorku Scheme



wdt_ID 项目名称 开发者 位置 预计完成日期 价格(RM)
1 阿菲尼提公寓 万岁天堂有限公司Bhd。 八打灵 2022 250,000
2 塞蒂亚阿拉姆德塞玛拉公寓 Setar Alam私人有限公司Bhd。 武吉拉惹(Bukit Raja) 2022 100,000
3 西白沙罗恩巴尤公寓 Premier Baycity Sdn。 Bhd。 双溪毛糯 2022 192,000 – 232,000
4 奥罗拉公寓 Johawaki Development Sdn。 Bhd。 双溪毛糯 2021 185,000
5 西哈尔莫尼1号公寓-Elmina West 森那美发展有限公司Bhd。 双溪毛糯 2023 200,000 – 240,000
6 联排别墅@ Aman Putri Glomac Sdn。 Bhd。 双溪毛糯 2022 150,000
7 塔曼蒲种宇多摩公寓 希尔克雷斯特花园有限公司Bhd。 八打灵 2019 195,000 – 220,000


wdt_ID 项目名称 开发者 位置 预计完成日期 价格(RM)
1 爱达曼居住公寓 Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri雪兰莪(PKNS) 登吉 2021 232,000
2 莱佛士公寓 生态绿色城市有限公司Bhd。 登吉 2021 250,000
3 斯里苏里亚公寓 公顷高地发展有限公司Bhd。 登吉 2021 232,000
4 色田公寓 中流发展有限公司Bhd。 登吉 2019 190,000


wdt_ID 项目名称 开发者 位置 预计完成日期 价格(RM)
1 Seri Temenggung公寓(马来保留地) Rexpoint资源有限公司Bhd。 鹅唛 2021 100,000 – 220,000


wdt_ID 项目名称 开发者 位置 预计完成日期 价格(RM)
1 哈拉曼11号公寓 班达林巴尤私人有限公司Bhd。 亚庇(Kota Kemuning) 在APDL过程中 42,000 – 100,000
2 Taman Langat Utama 3的排屋 SP Bahau Development Sdn。 Bhd。 丹戎杜贝拉斯 2019 250,000


wdt_ID 项目名称 开发者 位置 预计完成日期 价格(RM)
1 阿兰达公寓 Hicom Gamuda开发有限公司Bhd。 巴生 2021 42,000 – 232,000
2 阿尼亚公寓@班达帕克兰兹 Gabungan Efektif Sdn。 Bhd。 巴生 2022 250,000
3 凯蒙宁爱达曼公寓 派拉蒙房地产开发有限公司Bhd。 巴生 2020 100,000 – 192,000
4 卡里亚公寓 Selaman Sejati Sdn。 Bhd。 巴生 2020 185,000


wdt_ID 项目名称 开发者 位置 预计完成日期 价格(RM)
1 斯里塞拉亚公寓 环球控股有限公司 依约克 2020 205,000
2 排屋@ Taman Laman Permai Sejati Inti Sdn。 Bhd。 胡中柏玛塘 2021 250,000
3 和谐别墅露台家园 Semarak Cergas Sdn。 Bhd。 瓜拉雪兰莪 2020 42,000 – 250,000
4 Taman Sungai Yu Indah的排屋 Serambi Padu Sdn。 Bhd。 胡中柏玛塘 2020 42,000 – 239,000
5 Taman Alam Suria的排屋 莎阿南2 Sdn。 Bhd。 杰拉姆 2020 250,000
6 联排别墅@ Saujana Perdana Kelana Kualiti Sdn。 Bhd。 依约克 2021 180,000

萨巴克·伯南(Sabak Bernam)

wdt_ID 项目名称 开发者 位置 预计完成日期 价格(RM)
1 塔曼·埃马斯(Taman Emas)的排屋 联顺联私人有限公司Bhd。 潘仓贝德纳 2019 220,000 – 250,000


wdt_ID 项目名称 开发者 位置 预计完成日期 价格(RM)
1 联排别墅@ Taman Sri Tanjung 4 锦绣发展有限公司Bhd。 士毛月 2021 180,000.00
2 拜杜里贾亚公寓 Segaman Sdn。 Bhd。 士毛月 2021 195,000.00
3 Desa Budiman公寓(马来保留地) Pujangga Development Sdn。 Bhd。 Hulu Semenyih 2024 180,000.00
4 皇冠南公寓 坤礼地产有限公司Bhd。 士毛月 2021 180,000.00
5 扎姆鲁德居住公寓 蕉赖宏顺发展有限公司Bhd。 加影 0 150,000.00
6 卡梅里亚住宅公寓 威拉蕉赖发展有限公司Bhd。 蕉赖 0 192,000.00
7 金合欢公寓 梅兰会场有限公司Bhd。 士毛月 2021 220,000.00


wdt_ID 项目名称 开发者 位置 预计完成日期 价格(RM)
1 虹膜(2层排屋) 棉兰Prestasi Sdn。 Bhd。 赛伦达 2021 250,000.00
2 Taman Keruing Rasa的排屋 Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri雪兰莪(PKNS) 峇冬加里 2019 200,000.00


Other location of Rumah Selangorku are located in strategic location such as Bandar Puncak Alam, Bandar Saujana Putra, Alam Perdana and Tamara Residence.  There is also bigger projects like Idaman Cahaya, Idaman Sari, Idaman KITA, and Idaman Melur. More future property are coming with affordable selling price suitable for household income range.




不能。只能通过Rumah Selangorku门户网站在线完成Rumah Selangorku计划的申请。

我的月薪是RM 1,000。我有资格申请吗?

是的。要申请,您的最大家庭收入为RM 10,000。

我和我的妻子可以分别提出两个申请,以增加我们被选入Rumah Selangorku计划的机会吗?


我要等多久才能卖出根据Rumah Selangorku计划购买的房屋?





In general, the Rumah Selangorku scheme is indeed a great initiative by the 雪兰莪 州政府。希望通过该计划可以减少贫富之间的财政差距。终于看到弱势群体拥有一所房子,以改善他们的后代,这将是非常高兴的。但是,Rumah Selangorku计划仍然有其缺点,可以阻止人们购买该计划下的房地产。解决这些问题对于确保每个人都拥有一个可以打电话回家的地方至关重要。

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