6 Tips for First Time Homebuyers



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Homebuyers dreams of buying a home. For most of us, it is the penultimate goal in adulthood, sitting closely behind kickstarting your own family. That said, buying a home is never a straightforward process, as there are a lot of hurdles that one must overcome before doing so.

不幸的是,在我们到达那里之前,我们被阻止了。我们与购房之间的两个最大障碍之一是金融(文)识字。实际上, 70% 马来西亚人被发现是经济文盲, which means it’ll be a long way to go before any of homebuyers will get there. Financially literacy, loosely defined as the ability to manage one’s money, is important because it is quintessentially the gateway to affording a home in life, among many other luxuries.


The other major obstacle that stands in our way is the lack of homebuying basics. Yes, property literacy amongst Malaysians is surprisingly low and sad. Property literacy and financial literacy often go hand in hand too, so it’s safe to say that there are a large number of Malaysians out there who might be less informed when it comes to homebuyers. However, the demand for housing on residential property are still present.

Even without any statistics or numbers to add to the topic, the number of homebuying guides targeted at potential 购房者 on the internet should speak for itself. Ministry of Housing and Local Government,  housing developer, Estate Agents and Property Managers, housing counselor are some of the involved parties that could be part of the entire process. To put it simply, many of us can’t manage our finances well, neither can we achieve our homebuying dreams with ease.

We’re sure you’ve read your fair share of homebuyers guides already. So instead of boring you with things you already know, we thought we would focus on the lesser-known things, like the psychology of buying! 让我们开始吧。

提示 1:进行尽职调查



For starters as a homebuyers, spend time visiting the place that your future home is located. Observe the traffic, make multiple rounds and note the difference between morning, afternoon and night. Is the area massively congested in the morning? How does it compare to some of the densely populated areas in Klang Valley? How long would it take for you to get to work with the state of traffic you’re in? What about nighttime, is it dead quiet at night? Is it considered a safe area?


Next, check out the entertainment hubs within the vicinity. How close is the nearest mall to your home? Do you have access to a wet market to procure your fresh groceries? Or will it be store-bought groceries every weekend? Does the place boast a great selection of eatery? Or will the lack thereof be fine with you. Think from homebuyers perspective. 



提示 2:了解您的购房动机

6 Tips for First Time Homebuyers每个人都想买房,但更大的问题是——你为什么要买房?人们买房的原因有很多,这个问题没有正确和错误的答案。然而,出于错误的原因和错误的期望购买房屋对任何人来说都不是好兆头。

你买房子是因为这个观念从小就灌输给你吗?您是否因为其他人似乎都在这样做而被迫购买一个,而您却没有?或者你这样做是因为你真的想拥有一个家并想要一个属于自己的私人空间?也许你想把你的家变成一个 爱彼迎 并利用旅游业,有副业收入?有些人买房子是因为他们想建造 公平 相反,这本身就是一项长期投资,也是一个充分的理由。

Say you’re looking to profit off your purchased property, either by turning it into an AirBnB or simply building equity. That opens up a different list of responsibilities that you need to take note of. For instance, turning your unit into an AirBnb would involve doing a deep dive into Malaysia’s property law. This questions of law is tricky.  

  • 您知道吗? 非法的 如果不满足某些条件?
  • 您如何在遵守法律的同时实现这一目标?
  • 您如何在网站上成功注册您的位置并掌握与您的位置商业化相关的条款和条件?
  • 如果您的 AirBnB 被一群不守规矩的住宿者殴打,会发生什么,以及 they’ve stolen some valuable possessions like a PS4?
  • 您准备好面对永远无法挽回部分损失的可能性了吗?


同样,同样可以说 建立公平,这涉及维持您的房屋价值并确保其在未来多年保持稳定。建立公平本身会产生一系列独特的担忧。

  • 您应该在哪里购买巴生谷的房产?
  • 根据房地产市场对其的评估,您的房屋净值可能会在几年后根据其位置而上升或下降。

Then there are also indirect factors that play a key in keeping the equity afloat, such as upkeeping, maintenance work. Having to fork out money every half-yearly to keep your place up and running smoothly is a chore on its own, and demands a good chunk of your salary. If you have about 2-4 unit property with monthly payments to get access to mortgage loan financing, this is even complicated. Are you prepared to put up with that dread?


技巧 3:采取务实的心态


Some would even offer exceptional customer service. These days, most property agents are willing to go the extra mile to make you feel at ease and comfortable in a showroom. That being said, some people still place great importance on customer service, and sometimes, it may be the deciding factor in whether one chooses to purchase a property.


Remember though, you shouldn’t buy a property just because the property agent was exceptionally cordial to you, or that they went the extra mile. At the end of the day, your personal preference as homebuyers and owner needs to have a say too.

Tip 4: Spend within your budget

Let’s say your parents do not have the financial power to support you, which means you’ll now have to fork out every single penny from your pocket if you want your own place. You want to get housing accommodation with common facilities but does your homebuyer fund enough?

6 Tips for First Time Homebuyers 1

As a 购房者 or first-time homeowners, budgeting is important. By spending within your budget, we don’t mean going for a house that costs RM1,000,000 when your paycheck only amounts to RM3,000 a month. We’re talking about actually keeping strictly to your allocated budget and spending on what you came for. Say your dream house fetches a price of RM350,000 at 750 sqft now, but the property agent recommends going for a larger unit that is priced at RM400,000 with a 950 sqft unit. In their words, an additional RM50,000 goes a long way.

从纸面上看,多花一些钱听起来似乎很困难。额外支付 RM50,000,您将获得一个更宽 200 平方英尺的地方。但是请花点时间思考一下是否有必要花费这笔钱。你有能力承受额外的成本吗?额外费用可能会使您的任期延长 5 到 10 年。你想要吗?

如果你有足够的财力这样做,多花点钱是完全没问题的。但是,如果您没有足够的经济能力来支付额外费用或“升级”到更好的单位,那么在您做出这种信念的飞跃之前,最好先计算出您的消费能力。尝试参加 金融知识课 并确定您是否能负担得起这一切。


Tip 5: Take your time

6 Tips for First Time Homebuyers 2

Buying a home should not be a race but society makes it sound like one. Many of us set a timeline for ourselves and frantically scramble to buy one in fear that we can never pay off our mortgages if we are past that timeline.

Some people even think about themselves where they put themselves as loan applicants that build decent development record that can help with their success of getting their loan approved since they started working. However, most times, this leads to long years of regret and a point of no return.

如果您所处的年龄似乎周围的每个人都在购买房屋,而您却没有,那么您无需感到气馁。每个人都在自己的时间里达到自己的目标,这没关系。当然,如果您在接近抵押贷款到期时超过最大年龄,大多数抵押贷款可能会拒绝您,但有许多选择可以让您灵活地延长或支付抵押贷款,即:联合贷款,以及二代贷款。一些计划甚至提供 10% 折扣和印花税豁免 如果你在正确的时间抓住它们。



Tip 6: Learn to embrace the learning process

6 Tips for First Time Homebuyers 3


人们奇怪地对买房持消极态度,因为他们关注所产生的成本以及他们经常让您退缩 X 量的费用。我们在这里反对这种做法。如果您做出了购买房屋的重大决定,请学会享受这个过程。

The money has been spent anyway, and the construction is underway. Regret is pointless as homebuyers. Instead of beating yourself up over your “poorly made” decisions, find joy in watching things come to life. Sometimes, you may even find yourself learning a thing or two about being homebuyers in the process.

Watching an empty space grow into a place that you can finally call home can be therapeutic and exciting. It’s a bit like raising a child. At times, it’ll be demanding and stressful. Some days, you may question your decision. But there will also be days where you will marvel at your place and realize it has budded into an everlasting home. If you can hang tight, the experience as homebuyers will always be rewarding.


There is certainly no need for you to impose a timeline on yourself when it comes to buying a home. Making such a big decision often requires careful consideration and deliberation. When you are ready to purchase a home, the journey of watching your home come together will be a rewarding as 购房者. Buying a home is more than just money and a mortgage. Mental preparedness as a 购房者 plays a role in the matter. Instead of rushing the process and potentially subjecting oneself to long years of regret, one should reflect on their choices and determine if one is psychologically ready to afford one.  Pre-purchase homebuyer education is also important to prepare for your future financial planning.

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