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D'Rapport Residences

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1108 ft² - 2238 ft²
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D’Rapport Residences Overview

Ampang Hilir; home to the famous embassy rows and of course, the well-known Ampang Hilir Park which serves as an amazing place to prepare for your next marathon or simply to get a breath of fresh air after a tiring day at work. On par with the peace and serenity that Ampang Hilir brings forth despite being located within the cityscapes comes D’Rapport Residences, an exclusive residential condominium which would definitely be one of the most prestigious properties in the nation in the years to come.

This developmental project is a result of a collaboration between Acmar International, China Railway Engineering Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd (CREC)  and Bismarck Construction & Engineering Sdn Bhd., proves to be a really successful one as its incredible facilities and amenities topped off with its strategic location would definitely not let any prospective buyers down. The developers prioritise a holistic living experience as they have equipped the project with extravagant facilities such as a glass-encased gymnasium and an 11,000 sqft. landscaped forest and gazebo, despite being located in the middle of an entertainment hub, namely, Ampang Hilir.

Generally, this would be of great appeal to prospective buyers who would really want to experience relaxation at its best, in the comforts of their own residences. This applies to prospective buyers from all walks of life too regardless of age, marital status, career or gender.

Built across 9.12 acres of land, D’Rapport Residences, consists of 1099 condominium units with an additional 45 units of shop lots. These condominium units are conveniently located in 5 towers, each with its own takeaway factor to represent each phase of development for this exclusive project.

Despite having a modern outlook for each and every unit, the importance of maintaining timeless features has always been the priority of the developers. This perfectly goes in line with their vision to deliver the perfect abode for the 21st century and this, in general, is widely visualized by prospective property buyers as the perfect blend of peace, luxury, and entertainment.

Being the latest addition to the property development scene in Ampang Hilir, it is no doubt that D’Rapport Residences, which is surrounded by amenities provided by both the developers and by external sources is going to be a major attraction in the years to come.

D’Rapport Residences Location

Being located in the heart of Ampang Hilir, it’s quite safe to say that the location, well known for its rapid urbanization, is a true gem. It is no doubt that the prospective buyers would be in complete awe over the exclusivity of the area, being the major hub for expatriates and foreign workers in white-collared jobs topped off with the presence of embassies in the vicinity such as the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and the Embassy of Finland.  This added advantage serves as an important selling point of D’Rapport Residences, which, given its sophistication, would eventually be the highlight of the area in the nearest future to come.

However, being an important site for cultural exchange and national development, Ampang Hilir has high traffic jams too especially during peak hours. This is mainly due to the rapid urbanization of the area of Ampang Hilir especially with the development of more high-end residential projects.  It may not be suitable for those who prefer the peace and serenity of quiet roads but fret not dear buyers, the construction of an elevated intersection is taking place in between Jalan Ampang and Jalan Jelatek. This would definitely decrease the severity of traffic jams.

In regards to the Ampang Hilir Lake Garden, it’s currently under some fire for poor maintenance but the prospective buyers of D’Rapport Residences need not worry because there are really nice amenities provided by the developers themselves specifically curated for them.


Being situated in the hustle and bustle of a city such as Ampang Hilir is an added advantage to residents from all walks of life. This includes a busy student who has to catch the next bus for his or her classes, a doting housewife who needs to go to the nearest mall to do some grocery shopping or even the modern-day office worker who needs to get to his or her job on time.

D’Rapport Residences is easily accessible via major expressways and highways such as the AKLEH and DUKE Expressways and via Jalan Ampang, Jalan Jelatek and Jalan Nipah and the MRR2 Highway. For those who seek entertainment especially from the prominent malls and entertainment outlets, Jalan Ampang is the best route to use, with a mere duration of fewer than 10 minutes to reach the city centre itself.

Besides that, public transportation users can rejoice as you can commute via train services such as the RAPID LRT service. However, a 15 minutes walk is necessary to walk to the nearest train station which is the Jelatek Station. Cab services are quite prominent in the area of Ampang Hilir, so that is a viable option too.


The major highlight of D’Rapport Residences is the fact that there’s a plethora of malls and major shopping complexes to satisfy the cravings of each shopping enthusiast in the vicinity. This could be justified by the fact that it is located in close proximity to malls such as Great Eastern Mall and Ampang Point. Both of these shopping complexes serve as amazing family-friendly spots to unwind and relax after a long and tiring day at work.  If the residents would like to experience a different vibe of the cityscapes altogether, a quick 10 to 12-minute drive to the city centre will most probably entice the residents with more entertainment and fun. This proves especially true with the presence of major tourist attractions such as Ampang Park, Suria KLCC and Intermark, each of these providing a wholesome and joyful experience for the residents of D’Rapport Residences, which consists of people from all walks of life.

Being dubbed as the hub of embassies, Ampang Hilir may serve as the perfect place to kick-start your career too. Fresh graduates or even experienced workers from international relations and political science background could start afresh at the highly-coveted embassies situated in Ampang, for instance, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, the Royal Thai Embassy and the Embassy of the Republic of France.

Besides that, the developers of D’Rapport Residences have also realized the importance of quality education, hence, they have reduced the hassle of parents scouring the entire city for a better future for their children. Ampang Hilir is home to the prestigious International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) and the city of Ampang itself, boasting a wide range of schools from highly coveted government schools such as Stella Maris Primary School and SMK Bandar Baru Ampang to reputable international schools too.

As for medical facilities, the nearest hospital, Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur is situated a mere 1 minute away from D’Rapport Residences. Apart from that, there’s also KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital and Prince Court Medical Centre which are about 6 and 7 minutes away from the developmental project itself respectively. This would come as great news for all the health-conscious residents in D’Rapport Residences.


  • Great Eastern Mall
  • Ampang Point
  • Ampang Park 
  • Suria KLCC
  • Intermark
  • Aurora Place Bukit Jalil


  • International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL)
  • Stella Maris Primary School 
  • SMK Stella Maris
  • SMK Bandar Baru Ampang
  • Oasis International School Kuala Lumpur
  • Setapak High School
  • SJK(C) Nan Kai
  • Brighton International School
  • St John’s Institution
  • Raffles College of Higher Education
  • Erican College
  • Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK)


  • Embassy of the Republic of Korea
  • Embassy of Finland
  • Embassy of the Russian Federation 
  • The Royal Thai Embassy
  • The Culture Attaché of the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq
  • Embassy of the Republic of France
  • Polish Embassy
  • Embassy of the People’s Republic of China 
  • The Embassy of the Republic of Senegal
  • The Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt

Medical Services:

  • Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur 
  • KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital
  • Prince Court Medical Centre

D’Rapport Residences Floor Plan

D’Rapport Residences consists of 1099 condominium units in 5 towers, namely, The Wellington (206 units), The Swinton (193 units), The Auston (206 units), The Kennington (206 units) and The Winston (280 units) with an additional 45 units of shop lots. Built across a land area of 9.12 acres, each of the units is sized between 1108 square feet to 2238 square feet. The price range of each of these units is from RM2,049,000 to RM12,017,000. There’s also a 25-acre Lake Park exclusively for the residents at D’Rapport Residences. The land is, however, leasehold and has a standard tenure of 99 years.

D'Rapport Residence Type A1

D'Rapport Residence Type A2

D'Rapport Residence Type B

D'Rapport Residence Type C

D'Rapport Residence Type D1

D'Rapport Residence Type D2 D'Rapport Residence Type D3

On a general note, looking at the fact that Types D1, D2, and D3 are the most average-sized units in D’Rapport Residences with a total built-up size of 1108 square feet, these units are more suitable for youths who have just entered the workforce. This is because it’s at a more affordable pricing and would be convenient for them to manage and maintain. Type  C, on the other hand, is better suited for small families to ensure that their daily lives are wholesome and minimalistic.

As for small families looking forward to expanding their families in the near future, they are more than welcome to invest in Type B. Type B is the most accommodating unit for families who are planning on having a bigger family in the near future. Type A, on the other hand, is the biggest unit and is suitable for 2 types of groups; those who have big families and those who have a large number of guests who visit their home on a regular basis. Type A1 and A2 would definitely provide a fulfilling and worthwhile living experience for the prospective buyers that invest in these 2 units.

There are also 8 penthouse units located at the pinnacle of 4 towers of the project, each of them consisting of 9989 square feet each.

D’Rapport Residences Facilities and Amenities

Keeping in mind the fact that D’Rapport Residences is a luxury apartment, the facilities provided are up to par with the standards and the pricing of each of the units too. Specially curated to enable residents to have a fun-filled and delightful experience, this well-planned development project has many unique facilities too. Each unit is fully air-conditioned, complete with built-in wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, appliances and light fittings too. This makes the lives of the prospective residents all the more convenient because moving in would be less of a hassle now.

China Railway Engineering Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd (CREC) and Bismark Construction & Engineering Sdn Bhd have definitely set the bar high in the property development world with the introduction of more than 50 world-class amenities. This includes a whopping 280,000 square feet recreation deck which would be one of the largest of its kind in the nation. This deck is complemented with 70,000 square feet of communal and sports facilities, perfect for fitness enthusiasts who would really like to practice a healthy lifestyle within the comforts of their own surroundings.

Above all lies an 18,000 square feet sky deck on the 38th floor, which consists of a sky bar, sky pond, sky park and party deck which looks like a dream come true for residents who love a good old time unwinding while watching the cityscapes.

Facilities and amenities:

  • Basketball Court
  • Covered Walkways
  • Lap Pool
  • Glass Encased Gymnasium
  • Jacuzzi
  • Promenade
  • Children’s Playground
  • Exercise Station
  • Tennis Courts + Viewing Deck
  • Cafe
  • Elevated Walkway
  • Observatory Pavillions
  • Central Park + Fountain
  • Whispering Wall
  • 76m Swimming Pool
  • Washrooms + Changing rooms
  • Landscaped Forests + Gazebo
  • Function Pavillions
  • Spa
  • Open Air Terraces
  • BBQ Pit
  • Dipping Pool
  • Sala
  • Glass Lap Pool
  • Outdoor Lounge
  • Water Feature

Indoor Facilities (Level 2 Upper):

  • Indoor Driving Range
  • Putting Garde
  • Golf Stimulators
  • Cafe
  • Gymnasium
  • Sauna

Indoor Facilities (Level 2):

  • Badminton Courts
  • Squash Courts
  • Internet Room
  • Management Office
  • Lounge
  • Meeting Room
  • Games Room
  • Karaoke Room
  • Screening Room/Library
  • Multipurpose Hall

Sky Deck:

  • Sky Bar
  • Sky Pond
  • Sky Park
  • Party Deck

D’Rapport Residences Property Analysis

D’Rapport Residences, with a total gross development value (GDV) of RM3.5 billion, consists of 1099 condominium units with built-up areas of 1108 square feet to 2238 square feet. The developers, Acmar International, China Railway Engineering Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd (CREC)  and Bismarck Construction & Engineering Sdn Bhd. expect a good take-up rate due to the classical features of the property topped off with contemporary lifestyle facilities. D’Rapport Residences was completed in mid-2017.

As for the area of Ampang Hilir, and in general, Ampang is rich with diversity and full of hype and life. This is undeniably true with the presence of major entertainment outlets and equally prestigious residential projects which serve as the main landscape of the area itself. The area is perfect for those who would prefer a more urbanized outlook to life and also for prospective buyers who’d like easy access to basic amenities.

However, this area does have a few, but very common drawbacks. One of these is the fact that traffic jams are common during peak hours. For those who would prefer peace and quiet, a sub-urban area might not be suitable. Many of these most unavoidable traffic jams are the result of rapid property development in the area, as well as the mushrooming of retail outlets and similar projects.

Another issue that one could see in the area is the hike in living costs. A vast majority of residents in the vicinity are foreigners and as you could see, most of the developmental projects are indeed targeted towards this group of buyers. Therefore, it is no doubt that living expenses, in comparison to other parts in the state, could be on the pricier end. Nevertheless, all of these issues are indeed quite minor due to the fact that they are quite common especially in urban cityscapes like Ampang Hilir.

Target Market

One major takeaway in D’Rapport Residences would be the fact that there are luxurious amenities incorporated within an urban landscape. This is topped off with a bigger built-up area of each unit, making it an absolutely desirable choice for prospective property buyers out there. The setting of a peaceful and serene residency set against the cityscapes would appeal to urban dwellers more. This is due to the fact that these sorts of buyers would really enjoy the bustling environment of a city.

This residency would nevertheless, attract the attention of buyers who have little to no time post-working hours to unwind and relax. D’Rapport Residences, being a developmental project which focuses on providing the perfect work-life balance, has included tons of enjoyable facilities that cater to residents from all walks of life.

However, despite its vast amenities, D’Rapport Residences is indeed on the pricier end of things. With each unit priced between  RM2,049,000 to RM12,017,000, it’s definitely a developmental project aimed at prospective buyers from the higher economic strata. This may be its disadvantage but nevertheless, it’s worth the buy due to the fact that it has a larger built-up size and world-class facilities provided.  There is a possibility that buyers from the lower economic strata would be discouraged from buying it due to the high price tag.

Competitor Analysis

The main property developers in the area of Ampang Hilir are Acmar Malaysia, Global Oriental Bhd., Land & General Bhd, and Mayland. These developers and their projects differ from one another especially in terms of their target market, unique selling point, and pricing. However, all of these companies, having built properties in Ampang Hilir, have certain expectations to live up to, especially amongst other pioneer developers and projects in the area. In this case, D’Rapport Residences wins the race due to the fact that its pricing is proportional to the facilities and amenities within the residency which are definitely world-class.

Pavilion Embassy by Global Oriental Bhd. is made up of 3 towers, consisting of 3 towers of corporate suites and 2 towers of residential suites. The units, specifically those of the residential suites, have 588 units in the 42 storey tower, whilst there are another 222 units in the 36 storey tower. Built across 5.75 acres of land, these freehold units are available in 2 sizes; 1100 square feet and 1200 square feet. These units are priced from RM 1.65 million to RM 1.8 million. In regards to the aspect ratio of the size of the units to the pricing, it’s quite clear that Pavilion Embassy offers better pricing compared to D’Rapport Residences but nevertheless, this could be countered with the fact that D’Rapport Residences provides an extensive array of facilities to its residents.

Next up is The Elements by Land & General Bhd. and Mayland. This property is indeed less pricey in comparison to D’Rapport Residences with each unit priced between a range of RM 390,000 to RM 1.2 million. Consisting of 655 units each with built-up areas from 610 square feet to 1460 square feet, this property still dims in comparison to D’Rapport Residences. This is mainly due to the fact that the units in D’Rapport Residences have a much bigger built-up area in comparison to those of The Elements. These factors, as a whole, make D’Rapport Residences all the more desirable as the top property within the vicinity of Ampang Hilir.

Below is a table to further enforce the notion that D’Rapport Residences still tops the spot in an area as competitive as Ampang:

D’Rapport Residences Developers:

Acmar International

Being one of the leading integrated property developers in Malaysia, Acmar International is definitely your go-to property development company. They have always focused on their vision of becoming a world-class developer. With its flagship development being in Klang, specifically Bandar Baru Klang, it’s no doubt that Acmar International is one of the most established and prestigious developers in the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur. Their developments, which come in a wide range namely, commercial, hospitality, residential and henceforth prove their capabilities in catering to the needs of a large group of residents. This is due to the fact that they would truly understand the needs of their clients that come from all walks of life.

China Railway Engineering Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd (CREC)

What started off as a project preparation group for participating in southern Malaysia’s railway projects, progressed into something much bigger and better. That was what happened in the case of China Railway Engineering Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd (CREC). Having a  wp-signup.phped capital of RM 100 million, CREC possesses competitive advantages in maintenance, implementation, management, and investment of international construction projects. This further proves their rich experience in providing the best for their clients. All of their ventures give a definite focus to their vision which is, “Brave to Overcome Difficulties and Pursuit for Excellence “. This includes challenging themselves to reach greater heights.

Bismarck Construction & Engineering Sdn Bhd.

At Bismark Construction & Engineering Sdn. Bhd., they put exclusive importance to accountability, dependability, and integrity, making them one of the most trusted construction companies in the nation. Quality is one of the most valued factors in this reputable company and this proves to show that Bismark Construction & Engineering Sdn. Bhd. strives to deliver the best work to their clients.


As a whole, D’Rapport Residences is indeed a good investment. Despite having pricey units, a prospective buyer should also take into account the amenities that Acmar International provides them to ease their daily lives and to enable them to enjoy a perfect work-life balance. It does have its cons but in general, its pros outweigh them in many ways. It is to no doubt that D’Rapport Residences would be a perfect home for those seeking both peace and luxury.

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Land Title:
  • Service Residence
2 - 4
2 - 5
Property status:
RM2,049,000 - RM12,017,000
Acmar Malaysia
No. of Storeys:
Total Units:
Year Of Completion:
Built-up Area (BUA):
1108 ft² - 2238 ft²
Maintenance Fee:
RM0.50 psf
  • Basketball Court
  • Badminton Court
  • Barbeque Area
  • Cafeterias/Eateries
  • Function Room
  • Golf Course
  • Gymnasium
  • Jacuzzi
  • Landscaped Garden
  • Meeting Room
  • Music Room / Studio
  • Pool
  • Reading Room
  • Sauna
  • Tennis Court
  • View


  • Ampang Hilir,
  • Kuala Lumpur


Floor Plan

  • In Progress
From RM782,000
  • Service Residence
1 - 2
1 - 2
454 ft² - 882 ft²
  • In Progress
From RM377,000
  • Service Residence
1 - 2
1 - 2
500 ft² - 700 ft²
  • In Progress
From RM1,000,000
  • Service Residence
1 - 4
1 - 4
455 ft² - 2455 ft²
  • In Progress
From RM400,000
  • Service Residence
1 - 3
1 - 2
653 ft² - 1232 ft²
From RM2,049,000

Unique Selling Propositions

Exclusive Residential Development
An upscale, leasehold project located in a prime location along Embassy road in Jalan Ampang.
Convenience At Every Turn
There is an abundance of amenities and conveniences such as education institutions, hospitals and shopping malls, all within 5-8 minutes walking distance.
A Safety-Fueled Environment
Security is assured by the presence of embassies in close proximity to the project.


Decision Drivers

Value For Money
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