Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H): Requirements and How to Apply

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What is Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)?

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) is a Government driven housing program that aims to make Malaysia the home away from home. One of the main reasons why the Government of Malaysia began this program was to allow people from different corners of the world to have a long-term stay in Malaysia. As such, through the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC), the Government has been able to turn Malaysia into a second home for quite a large number of people.

However, there is a criterion that potential foreigners have to fulfill before they can enjoy the benefits of this program. People who are eligible are allowed to stay in the country for up to a decade. This, of course, comes with the possibility of renewal, provided the candidate in question manages to process a new MM2H pass upon expiry. According to the statistics report on the program’s official application portal, the MM2H program has approved a total of 42,271 applications from 2002 to 2018.

The numbers prove that this is a viable program that has the interest of everyone at heart. As a Government driven program, the Ministry of Home Affairs is the one in charge of processing most of its activities. This program currently ranks as one of the best immigration programs in the world due to its lack of bias. It provides an opportunity for deserving foreigners, especially those who have the interest to invest in the Malaysian property market.

Malaysia is among the countries that have the best property deals. Through the MM2H program, many property investors have been able to find their way to Malaysia. This arrangement has proved to be beneficial to both the investors and the Malaysian Government. With the help of the program, countless immigrant families have been able to turn their dreams into reality. They now enjoy the property options in Malaysia with some going as far as purchasing homes during their MM2H program stay. They can achieve this because the program allows foreigners to own freehold properties.

What is the Eligibility Criterion for Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)?

Businessman MM2H

Being a program that is focusing on making Malaysia accessible to people from all over the world, a lot may be needed to prove one’s eligibility. One of the factors that the Malaysian Government considers is the current country of residence. For one to be eligible for the MM2H program, he or she has to be a resident of a country that is officially recognized by the Government of Malaysia.

Currently, a good number of European, American, and Asian countries are supported by the program. Here is a list of some of the countries that are common participants in the program;

  • Taiwan
  • Republic of China
  • Republic of India
  • Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Republic of Korea
  • Japan
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain
  • Northern Ireland
  • People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  • Republic of Singapore

Everyone is free to submit an application for the MM2H program, regardless of their religious or cultural background. Other factors such as age and gender can in no way affect a person’s eligibility to apply for the program.

The program focuses on benefiting both the young and the old. And the best part is that married couples are allowed to bring their spouses along with them after their application has been approved. In addition, children who are unmarried and are below the age of 21 can also accompany their parents during their stay courtesy of the MM2H program. Basically, the first criterion for eligibility for the MM2H program is a person’s current citizenship.

Why should you go for the MM2H and not any other Immigration Program?

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H): Requirements and How to Apply 1

The MM2H program boasts of a great deal of success, and this is true according to the data that is available. Since its introduction in 2002, the program has benefited very many people, particularly those in the financial sector. This has proven that Malaysia is one place where everyone can invest and benefit. Here are some of the things that make the MM2H program the best.

Favorable financial laws and Interest Rates in Malaysia

The laws governing the transfer of funds are liberal, allowing people from different economic classes to invest without fretting. Those in the property sector can particularly benefit from an endless list of opportunities available in Malaysia. The country has one of the most respectable interest rates when it comes to the sale and purchase of a property. Property managers who are ambitious are able to make good use of friendly interest rates to their benefit.

As such, Malaysia has become a financial beacon attracting property investors from both developed and third world countries. With the help of the MM2H program, things just got to a whole new level. The country has grown into a financial giant making good use of its property investment sector. As a result, Malaysia has a good business environment that supports financial growth giving everyone a chance to prosper, both in the property sector and other avenues of business.


The other reason why a person may consider going for the MM2H program is that it’s among the few programs that appreciate diversity. Malaysian citizens are friendly people who are diverse and respect other cultures. It doesn’t matter where you come from, the people here will welcome you warm-heartedly. With the help of the MM2H program, you have the opportunity to be part of a great community that will meet all your business needs.

Endless Opportunity in the Property Sector

With vast opportunities in the property management sector, the probability of success in the housing business is very high. One does not have to be an expert in the business to be successful in Malaysia. Young entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the opportunities that the MM2H program provides.

Malaysia has a high aesthetic value

Malaysia is a beautiful country that can pass as a paradise in disguise. The neighborhoods are very lively and the food here is very good. The climate is also very favorable, with warm weather a good part of the year. Many foreign retirees have benefited from the MM2H program and are currently spending their grace period in Malaysia.

What are the Requirements for the MM2H Program?

Family MM2H

In addition to being eligible, there are a number of requirements that a person has to meet before he or she can apply for the program. True to say, an individual can be eligible but without having all the requirements, an application for the MM2H program may be unsuccessful.

The program brings people of all sorts’ right at the doorstep of Malaysia. It is for this reason that the Government of Malaysia has put in place a list of requirements, which govern the whole process. This is not done to deter potential visitors, but it is just a precautionary measure. The program focuses on the needs of the applicants, with a majority of the requirements being basic needs.

Financial Requirements

Those applying for the MM2H program should be financially stable and able to support themselves throughout the process. The Government of Malaysia will at no point fund those who are part of the program. This applies to when one is applying and after the application has been approved.

The financial requirements may slightly differ depending on the age bracket that one is in as per the MM2H program laws. Those who apply for the program and are age 50 and below are required to present proof for liquid assets. The terms and conditions clearly state that the value of such assets should be at least RM500, 000 with an additional offshore income that is equal to RM10, 000 regardless of the currency.

If the applicant uses an account as financial proof, he or she is required to back up the account with a bank statement for the last three months. The account can only be approved if the credit balance for each of the three months is RM 500,000 or more.

On the other hand, those who are age 50 and above have to provide RM350, 000 worth liquid assets as financial proof. Same to those who are below age 50, the above 50s also have to provide proof of an offshore income of not less than RM10, 000 every month. The credit balance for each month out of the three on the statement should be RM 350,000. Applicants who are on a government pension program are equally required to provide proof of monthly pension of not less than RM 10,000.

Medical Report

The MM2H program requires that all applicants together with their family members provide medical reports. The reports have to be processed by a certified clinic or a private hospital based in Malaysia. The government does this to ensure that those coming into the country provide no health-related threats to the citizens of Malaysia.

Medical Insurance

In the event that an application is approved, the applicant has to provide valid medical insurance that will cover all medical needs during the stay.

How can one apply for the MM2H program?

Meeting with MM2H agent

Once a person has met all the requirements mentioned above, the application process is merely a walk in the park. There are five basics steps that are involved in the application process.

1. Pre-Submission

This step mainly requires the applicant to obtain all the official forms that are required to start the application process. This can be done by visiting the CHECK N’ TRACK system for online form filling and additional document download.

2. Submission through a Trusted Agent

If you don’t like paperwork, this is the best option for you. With the help of a trusted agent, the application process for the program becomes even easier. It is also likely to go a bit faster because agents are well familiar with government offices. An agent can also act as a sponsor during your application process. This will result in them covering a Personal Bond of RM2, 000.

There are certified agents who are solely experts in assisting applicants who are interested in the MM2H program. The services offered may incur additional costs so one has to be financially prepared. The average fee for an agent is about RM 10,000. The chosen agent will guide you through the entire process, informing you of all that is required for the application to be successful. To avoid foul play, only consult agents who are recognized by the MM2H center.


Applicants also have the option of submitting the forms on their own. This can help in saving the agent fee. Unlike in the case of an agent, those submitting the application on their own will have to pay the Personal Bond and in addition, look for a sponsor.

3.Receiving a Conditional Letter of Approval

The next step of the application process involves the issuance of a Conditional Approval Letter by the immigration unit. The applicant must come with this letter on the reporting date as it will show that the applicant has gone through all the processes and has filled all the forms.


After receiving an official Conditional Approval Letter, the applicant can now report to Malaysia whenever they are ready. On arrival, a fixed-deposit account has to be created and the certificate forwarded to the MM2H center. The money deposited in this account can only be withdrawn when a person is no longer part of the MM2H program. However, each individual who is still in the program is allowed to make partial withdrawals after a period of one year.

5.Collection of MM2H Visa

The applicant can now collect his or her MM2H visa from the MM2H immigration center. A Social Visit Pass MM2H visa lasts for ten years. After the ten year period, a visa renewal can be done depending on how long the person plans on staying.

It is important to keep in mind that the MM2H program only makes Malaysia your second home and not a permanent home. The visa program in place only allows you temporary stays and visits to the country. Upon expiry, it is each person’s responsibility to renew the visa so that he or she can stay in good terms with the relevant authorities. The MM2H visa cannot be converted to a permanent residency contract.

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