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Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) is a Government driven housing program that aims to make Malaysia the home away from home. One of the main reasons why the Government of Malaysia began this program was to allow people from different corners of the world to have a long-term stay in Malaysia. MM2H participants is encouraged to stay here longer.

As such, through the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC), the Government has been able to turn Malaysia into a second home for quite a large number of people through MM2H applications.

However, there are changes made as Ministry of Tourism would no longer be MM2H. Instead, Home Ministry and Immigration taking control of MM2H program. During the Covid 19 pandemic, visa applications were suspended for over a year therefore they were reviewing the MM2H programme.

Let’s take a look on the new and revised MM2H requirements.

Revised Requirements for MM2H


Being a program that is focusing on making Malaysia accessible to people from all over the world, a lot may be needed to prove one’s eligibility. Financially, the requirement for MM2H has increased.

After the revised MM2H criteria, about 10 new conditions were announced by the Federal Government in August 2021. This include:

  • RM1.5million in liquid assets,
  • RM40,000 in offshore income,
  • RM1million in a Malaysian fixed deposit,
  • and an additional RM50,000 per dependent (add to the fixed deposit).

Additional requirement:

  • Retirees need to show proof of receiving pension from government/an authority for RM10,000 per month
  • An annual payment of RM90 for social pass
  • One-off personal bond payment costs approximately RM2,000

Existing MM2H pass holders only need to comply with two out of the 10 new conditions – an increase in the pass fee from RM90 to RM500 per year and the requirement to stay in the country for a minimum of 90 days a year.

Those applying for the MM2H program should be financially stable and able to support themselves throughout the process. The Government of Malaysia will at no point fund those who are part of the program.

Properly team would like to point out that the rules on this website apply only to West Malaysia and Sabah. Sarawak has different rules and requirements. Sarawak’s programme is known as Sarawak MM2H (S-MM2H).

How about Sarawak MM2H programme? No changes have been made to it.

Sarawak MM2H Financial Requirement:

  1. Opening a fixed deposit account with any local bank in Sarawak with a minimum fixed deposit of RM150,000 per individual and RM300,000 per couple;
  2. For applicants aged 50 years and above, by presenting proof of government approved pension funds with minimum RM7,000 per individual and RM10,000 per couple; or
  3. For applicants aged 30 years and above, by showing proof of monthly off-shore income funds of RM7,000 per individual and RM10,000 per couple.

Country of residence

One of the factors that the Malaysian Government considers is the current country of residence. For one to be eligible for the MM2H program, he or she has to be a resident of a country that is officially recognized by the Government of Malaysia to be MM2H applicants.

Currently, a good number of European, American, and Asian countries are supported by the program. Here is a list of some of the countries that are common participants country of origin and neighbouring countries in the program;

  • Taiwan
  • Republik China
  • Republik India
  • Republik Islam Iran
  • Republik Korea
  • Jepun
  • United Kingdom dari Great Britain
  • Ireland Utara
  • Republik Rakyat Bangladesh
  • Republik Singapura


Setiap orang bebas mengemukakan permohonan untuk program MM2H, tanpa mengira latar belakang agama atau budaya mereka. Faktor lain seperti usia dan jantina sama sekali tidak mempengaruhi kelayakan seseorang untuk memohon program ini.

The program focuses on benefiting both the young and the old. And the best part is that married couples are allowed to bring their spouses along with them after their application has been approved. In addition, children who are unmarried and are below the age of 21 can also accompany their parents during their stay courtesy of the MM2H program.

Medical report

Program MM2H memerlukan semua pemohon bersama ahli keluarga mereka memberikan laporan perubatan. Laporan tersebut perlu diproses oleh klinik yang diperakui atau hospital swasta yang berpangkalan di Malaysia. Kerajaan melakukan ini untuk memastikan mereka yang datang ke negara ini tidak memberi ancaman yang berkaitan dengan kesihatan kepada rakyat Malaysia.

Medical insurance

Sekiranya permohonan diluluskan, pemohon perlu menyediakan insurans perubatan yang sah yang akan meliputi semua keperluan perubatan semasa penginapan.

Why MM2H program?


Program MM2H mempunyai banyak kejayaan, dan ini benar mengikut data yang ada. Sejak pengenalannya pada tahun 2002, program ini telah memberi manfaat kepada ramai orang, terutamanya yang berada dalam sektor kewangan. Ini telah membuktikan bahawa Malaysia adalah satu tempat di mana semua orang boleh melabur dan mendapat manfaat. Berikut adalah beberapa perkara yang menjadikan program MM2H yang terbaik.

Economy and interest rates

The laws governing the transfer of funds are liberal, allowing people from different economic classes to invest without fretting. Those in the property sector can particularly benefit from an endless list of opportunities available in Malaysia as foreign citizens. You can buy property as foreigner in Malaysia too. The country has one of the most respectable interest rates when it comes to the sale and purchase of a property. Property managers who are ambitious are able to make good use of friendly interest rates to their benefit. It has good financial conditions for people.

As such, Malaysia has become a financial beacon attracting property investors form of investment like passive investment or security bond from both developed and third world countries. With the help of the MM2H program, things just got to a whole new level.

The country has grown into a financial giant making good use of its property investment sector. As a result, Malaysia has a good business environment that supports financial growth giving everyone a chance to prosper, both in the property sector and other avenues of business.


The other reason why a person may consider going for the MM2H program is that it’s among the few programs that appreciate diversity. Malaysian citizens and Federal Government are friendly people who are diverse and respect other cultures. It doesn’t matter where you come from, the people here will welcome you warm-heartedly. With the help of the MM2H program, you have the opportunity to be part of a great community that will meet all your business needs.

Endless opportunity

With vast opportunities in the property management sector, the probability of success in the housing business is very high. One does not have to be an expert in the business to be successful in Malaysia. Young entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the opportunities that the MM2H program provides

Aesthetic value

Malaysia is a beautiful country that can pass as a paradise in disguise. The neighborhoods are very lively and the food here is very good. The climate is also very favorable, with warm weather a good part of the year. Many foreign retirees have benefited from the My Second Home program and are currently spending their grace period in Malaysia.

Entry Requirements for Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

Keluarga MM2H

Selain menjadi layak, terdapat beberapa syarat yang mesti dipenuhi sebelum dia boleh memohon program tersebut. Benar untuk mengatakan, individu boleh layak tetapi tanpa semua syarat, permohonan untuk program MM2H mungkin tidak berjaya.

The program brings people of all sorts’ right at the doorstep of Malaysia. It is for this reason that the Government of Malaysia has put in place a list of requirements, which govern the whole process. This is not done to deter potential visitors, but it is just a precautionary measure. The program focuses on the needs of the applicants, with a majority of the requirements being basic needs. Recently, The Minister of Home Affairs, who is responsible for the visa program, decided to significantly increase the entry requirements in order to attract ‘quality’ applicants.

Steps to Apply for MM2H


Sebaik sahaja seseorang telah memenuhi semua keperluan yang disebutkan di atas, proses permohonan hanyalah berjalan kaki di taman. Terdapat lima langkah asas yang terlibat dalam proses permohonan.

1. Penyerahan Pra

Langkah ini amat memerlukan pemohon untuk mendapatkan semua borang rasmi yang diperlukan untuk memulakan proses permohonan. Ini boleh dilakukan dengan melawat SEMAK N 'TRACK sistem pengisian borang dalam talian dan muat turun dokumen tambahan.

2. Penyerahan melalui Agen Dipercayai

Sekiranya anda tidak menyukai kertas kerja, ini adalah pilihan terbaik untuk anda. Dengan bantuan ejen yang dipercayai, proses permohonan program menjadi lebih mudah. Ia juga cenderung berjalan lebih cepat kerana ejen sudah biasa dengan pejabat kerajaan. Ejen juga boleh bertindak sebagai penaja semasa proses permohonan anda. Ini akan menyebabkan mereka meliputi Bon Peribadi sebanyak RM2, 000.

Terdapat ejen yang disahkan yang hanya pakar dalam membantu pemohon yang berminat dalam program MM2H. Perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan mungkin menanggung kos tambahan supaya seseorang itu perlu disediakan secara kewangan. Bayaran purata bagi ejen adalah kira-kira RM 10,000. Agen terpilih akan membimbing anda melalui keseluruhan proses, memaklumkan anda semua yang diperlukan untuk aplikasi itu berjaya. Untuk mengelakkan bermain busuk, hanya berunding dengan agen yang diiktiraf oleh pusat MM2H.

Penyerahan diri

Pemohon juga mempunyai pilihan untuk menyerahkan borang itu sendiri. Ini boleh membantu menyelamatkan yuran agen. Tidak seperti dalam hal ejen, mereka yang mengemukakan permohonan sendiri akan perlu membayar Bon Peribadi dan di samping itu, cari penaja.

3. Mengambil Surat Kelulusan Bersyarat

Langkah seterusnya proses permohonan melibatkan penerbitan Surat Kelulusan Bersyarat oleh unit imigrasi. Pemohon mesti datang dengan surat ini pada tarikh pelaporan kerana ia akan menunjukkan bahawa pemohon telah melalui semua proses dan telah mengisi semua bentuk.


Selepas menerima Surat Kelulusan Bersyarat rasmi, pemohon kini boleh melaporkan kepada Malaysia apabila mereka bersedia. Semasa ketibaan, akaun simpanan tetap perlu diwujudkan dan sijil dikemukakan kepada pusat MM2H. Wang yang didepositkan dalam akaun ini hanya boleh ditarik balik apabila seseorang itu tidak lagi menjadi sebahagian daripada program MM2H. Walau bagaimanapun, setiap individu yang masih dalam program dibenarkan membuat pengeluaran separa selepas tempoh satu tahun.

5. Pengumpulan Visa MM2H

Pemohon kini boleh mengutip visa MM2Hnya dari pusat imigresen MM2H. Pas Lawatan Sosial Laluan MM2H berlangsung selama sepuluh tahun. Selepas tempoh sepuluh tahun, pembaharuan visa boleh dilakukan bergantung pada berapa lama orang merancang untuk tinggal.

It is important to keep in mind that the participation in mm2h programme only makes Malaysia your second home and not a permanent home. There are lots of visas like employment visas and national visa.

The visa program in place only allows you temporary stays and visits to the country. Upon expiry, it is each person’s responsibility to renew the visa so that he or she can stay in good terms with the relevant authorities. The MM2H visa cannot be converted to a residential property purchase or permanent residency contract.


Malaysia always welcome tourist, expats and retiree. If you have thought of residing in Malaysia as your second home, you can apply for Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme.

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