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Riana Dutamas

  • Service Residence
653 ft² - 1232 ft²
1 - 3
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Construction ProgressLevel 2B

Riana Dutamas Overview

Being a sub-district which upholds diversity and modernity at its best, Segambut is one of the nation’s fastest developing regions. Along with the urbanization in the area, there’s also new facilities and amenities consisting of malls, major entertainment outlets, and of course, its iconic bars that have played a huge part in changing the landscape of Segambut.

On par with the elegance and classiness that the area of Segambut has to offer comes Riana Dutamas, a freehold mixed development project by 368 Segambut Sdn Bhd. This is a joint-venture company between IJM Land Bhd & FCW Holdings Bhd. Built on a 16-acre land, specifically at Pintasan Segambut, Riana Dutamas consists of six blocks of serviced residences, office spaces, and retail outlets. These 6 blocks of serviced residences, comprises of 2 phases of residential units namely, Savio (Phase 1) and Savvy (Phase 2). Savio consists of 1018 units while Savvy consists of 921 units. Riana Dutamas is a classy developmental project where the residents could enjoy the city life.

Additionally, prior to being one of Malaysia’s best sites for property development, Segambut started off with the establishment of the Kampung Segambut Dalam settlement which used to be a slum with many low-cost houses and small shops. In the tide of time, it underwent various transformations with many of those houses being demolished to make way for the development of condominiums and apartments.

The project, catering to groups of people from a wide economic spectrum, would definitely be of great appeal to prospective investors. Furthermore, being surrounded by shopping malls such as Publika Shopping Gallery, Mutiara Complex, and Solaris Mall Mont Kiara, it is no doubt that Riana Dutamas will be one of the most successful projects in the vicinity.

Riana Dutamas Location

Being located in an upscale area as Segambut proves to be a delight to the prospective residents because it’s safe to say that it’s a well-planned developmental project. The location of Riana Dutamas itself is unique in its own ways. Being located in the heart of North Kiara’s Golden Triangle between Mont’Kiara, Kepong, and Kuala Lumpur, this location proves to be a combination of both timelessness and modernity. Facing both the tall skyscrapers in the vicinity topped off with a view of the great outdoors without much distraction would induce some happiness in many. Most probably, this would be caused by the fact that prospective residents would want to obtain the best of both worlds for them; to be able to experience the city life and to be able to have a panoramic view from the comforts of their own home.

Being located in close proximity to a wealth of luxurious entertainment outlets to satisfy the residents’ daily needs, such as shopping malls, bars, and premium outlets would be a major plus point. This is because one would not have to travel for long hours just to have a fun time out with their friends and family, provided there will be traffic jams in an area as busy as Segambutt.


Positioned in a bustling city as Segambut, Riana Dutamas is advantageous to obtain great connectivity benefits that are provided in the vicinity. This would make this developmental project a fruitful investment for prospective residents. As similar to the surrounding neighbourhoods and housing projects, prospective buyers would never regret investing in Riana Dutamas too. This is due to its extensive and vast highways and links that connect the property and the area to various key locations both near and far.

Being only a mere 4 km away from other major cities such as Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur, Riana Dutamas is conveniently accessible via Jalan Ipoh and Jalan Kuching which would eventually bring motor vehicle users towards Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim and Lebuhraya Mahameru. Afraid of the heavy traffic jams that one has to go through on a daily basis? Well, fret not! There’s a KTM connection that goes by the name of Segambut Station located right opposite the developmental project. A 1-minute walk will be all that takes to reach there. In addition to this, an MRT will be built to enhance the connectivity between Riana Dutamas and the KL metropolis area.


The main takeaway for Riana Dutamas is the fact that almost anything and everything is located at close proximity to it. This is mainly due to the strategic location of the property itself. Thus, this makes Riana Dutamas a great investment not only for city-dwellers but also for families, be it big or small.

Rewinding and relaxing after a long day at work would be a breeze for the residents as major entertainment outlets such as KLCC, 1 Mont Kiara, Hartamas Shopping Centre, Solaris Dutamas and Publika being at a minimum of 30 minutes away from Riana Dutamas. This would be a great place for people who frequent shopping malls and other entertainment outlets such as cafes and bars to have a typical night out with their friends and families.

From this perspective, it could be shown that the area surrounding Riana Dutamas would be perfect for anyone who would like to have a work-life balance. Apparently, when it comes to entertainment hubs, there seems to have no end to it as the choices are endless. For parents who’re quite concerned with providing a wholesome education opportunity for their children, they could spare themselves from all of the hassles. This is because there are numerous prestigious schools and universities in the vicinity Among some of those schools are Le Lycee French International School, Mont Kiara International School, and Garden International School, SK Segambut, SMK Segambut, and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (Perempuan) Jalan Ipoh.

With health being a concern, there are tons of medical facilities surrounding the area with the nearest one, Ipoh Road Specialist Centre, being only a mere 5 minutes away from Riana Dutamas. The other medical facilities that you could find would be KPJ Sentosa KL Specialist Hospital, GDM Specialist Centre and Reddy Clinic.


  • Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC)
  • 1 Mont Kiara
  • Hartamas Shopping Centre
  • Solaris Dutamas
  • 163 Retail Park
  • Publika
  • Atria Shopping Centre
  • 1 Utama Shopping Centre
  • The Gardens Mall


  • Mont’Kiara International School
  • Garden International School
  • SK Segambut
  • SMK Segambut
  • Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (Perempuan) Jalan Ipoh
  • Le Lycee French International School
  • Cempaka International School Damansara Heights
  • SJK(C) Khai Chee
  • Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (Tamil) Thamboosamy Pillai
  • Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur
  • International University of Malaya-Wales
  • Victoria International College

Hospitals and Medical Facilities

  • Ipoh Road Specialist Centre
  • KPJ Sentosa KL Specialist Hospital
  • GDM Specialist Centre
  • Reddy Clinic
  • Klinik Keluarga Dr.Dahlia.
  • Taj Hospital
  • Global Doctors Hospital

Riana Dutamas Floor Plan


  • Type A (653 sq ft, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom)
  • Type B (800 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)
  • Type C (852 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)
  • Type D (852 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)
  • Type E (903 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)
  • Type F (1177 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)


  • Type L (722 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)
  • Type M ( 911 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)
  • Type MC ( 911 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)
  • Type P/P1 ( 950/953 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)
  • Type Q ( 1125 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 studio)
  • Type N ( 951 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)
  • Type S (1121 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)
  • Type R (1166 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 studio)
  • Type T (1232 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 studio)

Be it Savio or Savvy, both are incredibly great investments to be made. On a general note, an ideal unit for bachelors would be Types A, B, C, D, and E from Savio and Type L from Savvy considering the fact that it provides a cosy space that caters to the needs of today’s millennial generation. Types B, C, D and E from Savio are also suitable for newlyweds who would prefer focusing on their careers during their first few years of marriage. As for small families who would want a fresh start in life in an environment as luxurious as Riana Dutamas, they could choose between Types M, MC, P/P1, Q and N from Savio. Furthermore, big families who deserve all the spaciousness that they need could pick Type E from Savio and Types S, R and T from Savvy. Even small families who are planning to grow into a bigger family should opt for these units. As a whole, Riana Dutamas definitely caters to a large group of people.

Riana Dutamas Facilities and Amenities

Being located in an urbanized area like Segambut would be meaningless if the facilities are mediocre. Luckily, the facilities and amenities provided are world-class and would definitely be the talk of the town. These facilities were thoughtfully curated to cater to the needs and wants of today’s ever-changing society. As part of their unique selling point, 368 Segambut Sdn Bhd. has provided amazing facilities such as a meditative deck, yoga/pilates deck and an infinity-edge pool to cater to the needs of the residents with an active lifestyle. There’s also a jogging path for residents who would like to either jog or walk whilst embracing their surroundings. As for residents who’d like to relax after a tiring day at work or at school, there’s also a chillax cabana and reflexology path. There’s also a multi-storey car parking lot for the convenience of the residents. Since security is a major concern, round-the-clock manned security and CCTV monitoring are provided too.

Riana Dutamas Project Analysis

Riana Dutamas by 368 Segambut Sdn Bhd, with a Gross Development Value (GDV) of RM1.5 billion, consists of 2 outstanding phases namely, Savio and Savvy. Savio consists of 1018 units while Savvy consists of 921 units. These serviced apartments range from 653 to 1232 square feet of built-up size. The second phase of this mega developmental project currently has a take-up rate of over 90%. The project as a whole is expected to be completed in the year 2021.

The price of a unit in Riana Dutamas starts from RM 415,150 for Savio and RM400,000 for Savvy. Considering the fact that this developmental project is located in an urbanized area with top-notch facilities, the pricing would come as a surprise to many. However, this proves that the developers have put a lot of consideration into people who’ve just entered the workforce and also, families from the average economic spectrum.

Taking a glance at the facilities and amenities provided by the developers, they are perfectly curated to meet the needs of the residents. This, with the affordability of the units, is a truly great investment for prospective residents. As for the surroundings, the area of Segambut is obviously going to be a major headache for residents who’d prefer a less traffic jam prone area. However, that’s quite solvable looking at the fact that there are extremely convenient public transportation services such as the KTM and of course, an abundance of e-hailing drivers and taxis in the vicinity. The scenery of the area, at first, would be of great distaste to the future residents. This is because they might be dissatisfied with the buildings surrounding it. However, they should really have a first-hand look at the location before judging it. The location of Riana Dutamas is basically the best of both worlds; being situated in old Segambut town, which is a peaceful area and also has a glimpse of skyscrapers as part of the scenery.

Target Market

With the existence of sky-rocketing prices especially in Segambut, it is definitely a surprise to any prospective resident to find out that Riana Dutamas is quite affordable. This, in fact, accommodates buyers from a wide range of the economic spectrum. With the cheapest units priced from RM 400,000 onwards, it’s quite obvious that a white-collared worker could afford this too especially, with the existence of housing loans. Therefore, this clearly depicts 368 Segambut Sdn Bhd.’s target market. Besides that, Riana Dutamas would largely accommodate working adults who, apparently, have a hectic lifestyle. They would really need a break from their respective careers to achieve that perfect work-life balance. The area, which is also part of Selangor’s amazing nightlife, would be a great relief for them as a small get-together with their friends would only require a 15 minutes drive from their residences.

Competitor Analysis

The main property developers in the vicinity would be Nusmetro Group, OCR Noble Land (The Pano) Sdn. Bhd. and 368 Segambut Sdn. Bhd. It is to no doubt the competition between these 3 property developers is intense especially being situated in a heavily urbanized area such as Segambut. Despite all the differences that these developers and their respective projects entail, one would be very sure that the average pricing per unit and the facilities and amenities provided by Riana Dutamas still makes it hold the top spot in this. Among these 3 properties, both Savio and Savvy are considerably the cheapest, with Savio priced at RM 635 per square feet and Savvy priced at RM 554 per square feet. Flexus Signature Suite is moderately priced at RM 675 per square feet. The highest priced is Arte Mont Kiara which is priced at RM 909 per square feet.

Arte Mont Kiara by Nusmetro Group is made up of 1692 serviced residential units within a total of 35 floors. All of this is built within a span of 3.25 acres of land. These units are priced from RM 400,000 to RM 1,450,000 and they’re also available from a wide size range typically from 440 square feet to 1100 square feet. Furthermore, it’s a leasehold property. In terms of the aspect ratio to the size of the units to its pricing, it is indeed obvious that Riana Dutamas offers better pricing in regards to the size of the units with its largest unit being 1232 square feet. Despite the fact that Arte Mont Kiara is specially designed to meet international standards with the theme of olden day French and modern contemporaries, Riana Dutamas puts forward a resident-friendly service.

On the other hand, Flexus Signature Suites by OCR Noble Land (The Pano) Sdn. Bhd., being a freehold developmental project, has a price range that starts from RM 380,000. The choices of the residential units aren’t vast either with only 4 types of units to choose from. Besides that, the facilities dim in comparison to that of Riana Dutamas.

Below is a table to further enforce the notion that Riana Dutamas still tops the spot in an area as competitive as Segambut:

wdt_ID Name Built-Up Size (sq ft) Selling Price Price PSF Land Title
1 Riana Dutamas - Savio 653- 1232 RM 415,150 onwards RM 635 Freehold
2 Riana Dutamas - Savvy 653- 1232 RM 400,000 onwards RM 554 Freehold
3 Arte Mont Kiara 440 - 1100 RM 400,000 to RM 1,450,000 RM 909 Leasehold
4 Flexus Signature Suites 477 - 1087 RM 380,000 onwards RM 675 Freehold

Riana Dutamas’ Developer: 368 Segambut Sdn. Bhd.

388 Segambut Sdn. Bhd. is a joint venture company between IJM Land and FCW Holdings Bhd. This is a really fruitful collaboration with IJM Land being one of the nation’s top property developers and following its successful venture overseas specifically in the United Kingdom and China. IJM Land has also won a few awards too in regards to its sustainable development projects. As for FCW Holdings Bhd. the company was listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.


As a whole, Riana Dutamas would be an excellent purchase if you are the type of home buyer who cares about their surrounding and values a life of luxury. The affordability rate, the availability of various facilities, and the wide variety of residential units available in the development make this one of the most successful development projects in Segambut.

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Land Title:
  • Service Residence
1 - 3
1 - 2
368 Segambut (IJM Land & FCW Holdings Bhd)
No. of Storeys:
Total Units:
Year Of Completion:
Built-up Area (BUA):
653 ft² - 1232 ft²
Maintenance Fee:
RM0.33 psf
  • Jogging Track
  • Barbeque Area
  • Function Room
  • Gymnasium
  • Jacuzzi
  • Landscaped Garden
  • Park
  • Pool
  • Pool Deck
  • View
  • Yoga Room / Deck


  • Kuala Lumpur,
  • Segambut


Floor Plan

  • In Progress
From RM506,000
  • Service Residence,
  • SOFO
2 - 3
2 - 3
452 ft² - 1111 ft²
  • In Progress
From RM567,800
  • Service Residence
2 - 4
813 ft² - 1285 ft²
  • In Progress
From RM450,000
  • Service Residence
2 - 4
2 - 3
732 ft² - 1227 ft²
  • In Progress
From RM1,000,000
  • Service Residence
1 - 4
1 - 4
455 ft² - 2455 ft²
From RM400,000

Unique Selling Propositions



13th April 2017

IJM Land to Unveil Riana Dutamas

IJM Land Bhd will be launching 2 of the most sought after projects this year – Riana Dutamas Phase 1 as well as The Light Waterfront Phase 2. Riana Dutamas is projected to garner great interest from buyers despite the current challenging market conditions. 



9th March 2018

IJM Land Bhd and FCW Holdings Bhd Celebrates JV

IJM Land and FCW Holdings Bhd have signed a joint venture for the development of Riana Dutamas under the flagship of 368 Segambut Sdn Bhd.



11th January 2019

IJM Plans to Launch Phase 2 of Riana Dutamas in FY2020

IJM Land announces that properties worth RM1.7 billion in GDV will be launched by the end of March 31, 2020 (FY2020). Among the projects are Riana Dutamas Phase 2 and Pantai Sentral Park Phase 3. 


24th June 2019

Savio at Riana Dutamas Sees 90% Take-up

12th September 2019

IJM Land to Announce Registration for Phase 2 of Riana Dutamas in 3 Months

Riana Dutamas Phase 2 project – Savvy – will be open for registration in the next 3 months. The selling price starts at RM 400,000 with a total of 921 units up for sale.


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