SPA Stamp Duty (MOT) & Legal Fees Calculator

When purchasing a property, stamp duty must be paid on the Memorandum of Transfer (MOT) based upon the purchase price.

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Home Ownership Campaign (HOC)

  • HOC is a campaign set up by way of a partnership between the Government and with private sector companies; mainly Developers. This campaign is to ensure that stamp duty is either fully exempted or partly remitted for properties purchased under this campaign. This campaign is also aimed to get the Developers to give a 10% discount for such stamp duty exemption or remittance.
  • The campaign, which was scheduled to end on 30.6.2019, is now extended to 31.12.2019.
  • Stamp Duty Exemptions for Rent to Own Schemes (“RTO”)
  • This RTO Scheme is aimed to assist those who intend to purchase their first residential property up to the purchase price of RM500,000.
  • The scheme works as follows:-
    • Five years rent tenure with Banks and this serves as the Deposit;
    • After the 1st year, the Tenant decides to purchase the property at the purchase price agreed upon in the tenancy agreement;
    • The stamp duties; i.e. between Developer to Bank and Bank to Tenant/Purchaser; will be exempted.

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