Residensi Padang Meha Aerial View
  • Completed
  • Affordable

Residensi Padang Meha

  • Bungalow
  • Semi-D
919 ft² - 2037 ft²
3 - 4
2 - 3
Construction ProgressCompleted

Residensi Padang Meha Overview

Residensi Padang Meha is one of the highly acclaimed Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia (PR1MA) residential projects to be offered for prospective Malaysian buyers. PR1MA is a mission initiated by the Government to deliver high-quality homes at affordable prices to Malaysians who are eligible. With its setting in Padang Meha, Kedah, Residensi Padang Meha provides a chance for buyers to reside in a carefree, safe and comfortable environment surrounded by natural landscape without breaking the bank.

Padang Meha holds advantages of having a relatively low population density as well as excellent connectivity and convenience in the region. Residensi Padang Meha comprises 244 units of affordable mixed housing options, i.e., single-storey terrace houses, single-storey semi-detached houses and single-storey bungalows, which should not be missed by buyers. The project has been completed and its units are on-sale with an impressive take-up rate of 91% at this moment.

Residensi Padang Meha Location

Residensi Padang Meha is situated in Padang Meha, a mukim in the state of Kedah. Padang Meha is one of the 15 mukims in Kulim District with a relatively low population of 10,000 people (in 2020). Surrounded by the beauty of nature, the area is free from traffic jam as it is some distance away from larger townships in the region such as Sungai Petani (30 km), Pulau Pinang (50 km), Kulim (21 km) and Kuala Ketil (15 km). The safety of the residents in the area is safeguarded by police officers based at Sungai Karangan Police Station.

Padang Meha consists of numerous established residential areas such as Taman Desa Aman, Kampung Sungai Karangan, Kampung Padang Meiha that are close in distance to Residensi Padang Meha. Further development is expected to take place in the region as there is still plenty of unused land in the area with low dense population. That being said, a variety of facilities and amenities such as schools, mosques and shop lots are present in the area as a result of developments that have taken place in the region.


Located in Padang Meha, Residensi Padang Meha is accessible via a major highway, i.e., Butterworth – Kulim Expressway, which connects Butterworth, Penang in the west to Lunas, Kedah in the east. It is also accessible from Padang Serai and Kuala Ketil through Jalan Kuala Ketil.


Residensi Padang Meha is no short of essential facilities and amenities around it. A number of schools from primary to secondary level are reachable from the development in 2 – 8 minutes’ drive (850 m – 4.7 km).

The clinic that is nearest to the residential area is Klink Desa Padang Meha, which takes about 3 minutes’ drive (1.6 km). Another clinic, Klinik Desa Sungai Karangan is also a short distance drive (8 minutes or 4.9 km) away from the development.

Essential services such as post office, police station, petrol stations can be found near Residensi Padang Meha. In addition, other services like mini market, convenience stores, F&B outlets and more are found in abundance around the residential area.

A few tourist attractions are found in the vicinity of Residensi Padang Meha, namely, Taman MBI Desaku Cactus Garden and World of Dragon Sdn Bhd. Those who are fond of going for a weekend getaway can travel to popular tourist destinations in Penang such as Bukit Mertajam, Hutan Lipur Sungai Sedim, Chinatown and more.


  • SMK Sungai Karangan
  • SK Sungai Karangan
  • SJK(C) Hua Min
  • SJK(T) Ladang Padang Meha

Medical Aid

  • Klinik Desa Padang Meha
  • Klinik Desa Sungai Karangan

Residensi Padang Meha Floor Plan

Residensi Padang Meha comprises 244 units of single-storey terrace houses (Types A1 & A2), single-storey semi-detached houses (Types B1, B2 & B3) and single-storey bungalows (Type C). The development takes place on 17.68 acres of high rise freehold land with built-up size ranging from 919 – 2037 sq. ft. All unit types have a minimum of three bedrooms and two bathrooms, in which one of the bathrooms is located in the master bedroom. They adopt an open kitchen concept (except Type B1) in order to create a spacious feeling within the unit.

Types A1 & A2 are single-storey terrace houses with the former being a corner lot and the latter being an intermediate lot. They have the same size (919 sq. ft.) and number of bedrooms (three) and bathrooms (two).

Types B1, B2 & B3 are semi-detached houses with Type B1 occupying the largest size (1206 sq. ft.) within these types. This is followed by Types B2 (1078 sq. ft.) and B3 (1030 sq. ft.), which essentially have identical layouts. Type B1 has four bedrooms and three bedrooms compared to Types B2 and B3 that have three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Note that the kitchen in Type B1 is separated from the dining and living areas by a partition, a feature that is welcomed by those who do not wish their common area to smell after heavy cooking at their kitchen.

Type C, i.e. the single-storey bungalow, offers the most in terms of the size and number of rooms as compared to other units at Residensi Padang Meha. It has the largest built-up size of 2037 sq. ft. amongst all unit types. Other than four bedrooms and three bathrooms, the unit has a utility room and a storeroom, which come in handy with residents who need space to store their items. Type C unit also comes with a wet and a dry kitchen and this is good news for those who prefer to do light and heavy cooking separately.

The following is a summary of the available floor plan layouts at Residensi Padang Meha:

  • Types A1 & A2 (919 sq. ft., three bedrooms, two bathrooms)
  • Type B1 (1206 sq. ft., four bedrooms, three bathrooms)
  • Type B2 (1078 sq. ft., three bedrooms, three bathrooms)
  • Type B3 (1030 sq. ft., three bedrooms, three bathrooms)
  • Type C (2037 sq. ft., four bedrooms, three bathrooms)

Residensi Padang Meha Facilities and Amenities

The facilities and amenities that are contained within Residensi Padang Meha focus on providing an active lifestyle for its residents. Located in the centre of the development, residents can carry out their favourite sports activities such as futsal and badminton at the futsal and badminton court, respectively, without having to travel far from their home. Children can have their leisure time occupied by playing at the playground. Furthermore, residents can organise and join social events that are held at the multipurpose hall.

The safety of the residents is ensured as the development is a guarded neighbourhood. This is coupled with the presence of 24-hr CCTV surveillance and security checkpoints.


  • Multipurpose hall
  • Playground
  • Futsal court
  • Badminton court

Residensi Padang Meha Property Analysis

Priced from RM 145,000, Types A1 and A2 of Residensi Padang Meha are aimed at families from the lower-income spectrum. The rest of the unit types target families from low to medium income bracket as the pricing starts from RM 298,000 onwards. The development project has been completed and its units are on-sale at this moment. The current take-up rate stands at 91%.

In terms of the unit size of Types A1 and A2, they are suitable for small-sized families who just started to grow their family and prefer units with no frills. Types B1, B2 and B3 suit small- and medium-sized families who desire for a bit of extra comfort in terms of space to carry out leisure activities around their house. Last but not least, Type C unit is catered to medium-sized families who demand a spacious yet comfortable living lifestyle.

Residensi Padang Meha Developer: Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia (PR1MA)

Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia (PR1MA) was established in 2011 with the objective to plan, develop, construct and provide high-quality housing solutions for Malaysians with a monthly household income between RM 2,500 to RM 15,000. The residential developments offered by PR1MA are of various types and sizes that are catered to households of different needs. Their house offerings include apartments, bungalows, double-storey terraces, semi-detached houses and single-storey terraces with the prices ranging from RM 100,000 to RM 400,000. PR1MA has 58 residential projects in total with the projects spanning across numerous cities in Malaysia such as Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Kulim, Seremban, Tawau and more.


The residence of Padang Meha is a perfect combination of strategic location, admirable connectivity, and convenience in a residential area that is safe and contemporary at a price that buyers wish to pay for. Residents can expect to enjoy a peaceful, nature-filled and comfortable lifestyle at Residensi Padang Meha.

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Land Title:
  • Bungalow,
  • Semi-D,
3 - 4
2 - 3
Property status:
  • Affordable
Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia
No. of Storeys:
Total Units:
Year Of Completion:
Built-up Area (BUA):
919 ft² - 2037 ft²
  • Playground
  • Multipurpose Hall


  • Kedah,
  • Kulim


Floor Plan

  • In Progress
From RM506,000
  • Service Residence,
  • SOFO
2 - 3
2 - 3
452 ft² - 1111 ft²
  • In Progress
From RM782,000
  • Service Residence
1 - 2
1 - 2
454 ft² - 882 ft²
  • In Progress
From RM377,000
  • Service Residence
1 - 2
1 - 2
500 ft² - 700 ft²
  • In Progress
From RM567,800
  • Service Residence
2 - 4
813 ft² - 1285 ft²
From RM130,500

Unique Selling Propositions

  1. Freehold
    Long term investment.
  2. Guarded community
    Safety and security guaranteed for all residents.
  3. Spacious layout
    Elegant and spacious units with a great choice of built-ups.


Decision Drivers

Value For Money
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