Wardrobe: Types, Designs & Choosing The Right One

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A wardrobe is perhaps one of the most important pieces of furniture you need to have. It mainly functions as a storage for you to keep your important items, clothes, bags, as well as accessories. You definitely do not want your stuff lying around on the floor, looking messy and untidy.

However, getting a closet is not as easy as you might think. In order to plan effectively, the budget is crucial. And you also need to look at your space and the wardrobe size and whether it will fit. Furthermore, you need to think about the design and colour choice of the entire wardrobe as well.

Fret not, in this article, we will share useful tips for you to choose the right wardrobe designs for bedrooms.

Types of Wardrobes

Do you prefer something simple like the one you can assemble yourself or something permanent like a built-in type?

A quick Google search will lead to attractive closet images and a variety of designs that you wish you can have. You might have already have an image of you dream wardrobe. But, with many different types of wardrobes on the market today, it can get a little overwhelming to pick the right design for your bedroom.

Glamorous walk-in wardrobes


Imagine having an exclusive space that can be your dedicated dressing room. With ample storage space, an island with drawers, and floor-length mirrors, you can store all your items and organise them according to colour, creating that Instagram-worthy little area to shoot your OOTD. What a dream!

Even if you don’t have an entire space or spare room to create a built-in or walk-in wardrobe, you can always make use of a section of your room and turn it into a walk-in mini-dressing area. Own it and enjoy the trendy, boutique-style feeling with this type of closet. This exquisite closet designs is suitable if you love glam and luxurious bedroom style.

Good news to the homeowner; having a walk-in wardrobe can also increase the value of your home. After all, who can say no to this additional bonus? This could help to elevate an expensive look with utilizing the closet space to its most potential.

However, a walk-in wardrobe can only work when you have the luxury of space. It also requires quite a budget since you will need help from professionals to create one.

The space-saving L-shaped wardrobes

If you are short on floor space but you need ample storage, consider getting an L-shaped wardrobe for your room. You can customise the size to fit perfectly in the corner space of your room. Additionally, it is also built to fit from floor to ceiling, making the most of every inch of space.

The end of this L-shape wardrobe can also be useful. To make more space with your dressing unit, get a wardrobe design with mirrors. With a few additional shelves, you can also make a bookcase feature or put some plants. Aesthetic yet convenient!

Like the walk-in closet, L-shaped wardrobes can also be a little expensive, especially if you want to customise them according to your need. Plus, if you are installing it as the built-in type, it will be a permanent fixture that cannot be removed.

The versatile freestanding wardrobes

From a French armoire to a modern wooden design, the freestanding closet is a versatile choice for everyone. There are tons of available designs and colours at a reasonable price to choose from, and you can purchase them and have them sent to your home right away. A great solution for when you urgently need them.

A freestanding closet is an ideal solution for people who are living in rented homes since it will not be permanently fixed. It is portable and you can take them with you when you are moving out. It is also perfect for most of the bedrooms as it usually comes in the standard size and does not take up a lot of space.

However, since it is not customised, you might not get the perfect fit for your room. The design and colour might be a little off compared to other furniture, especially if they don’t come in a package or set. So it is important to plan a colour pallete for to tie every furniture in your bedroom space.

The trendy open wardrobes

open wardrobe

If you are not into closed storage options, open wardrobes are on trend now – especially in millennial homes. This highly organised storage system is great for people with small spaces or minimalist styles. The concept of these open closet is to eliminate the doors, so you can display your wardrobe and put your colorful clothing and accessories within easy reach.

Those opting for an open closet can mix and match some rods, shelves and chest of drawers according to their own preference and need. Careful curation and style are key in ensuring your items are organised neatly. Otherwise, the space will look cluttered and messy.

However, open wardrobes are easy to accumulate dust. So, constant dusting and wiping are very important to keep your possessions tidy. Unless you are a naturally organised individual who owns minimal stuff, choosing an open wardrobe may not be necessary.

Tips for your wardrobe design

Based on the variety of designs and creative options you have seen online, you might have made a decision about the type of closet you want, and now you are thinking about how it should look. When designing your closet, it is important to keep it simple and organised. After all, your closet can be your inner sanctum, where you safely keep your precious possessions.

What makes your choice for wardrobes look sleek and beautiful? Here are some tips to help you design your wardrobe that complements your cosy room.

Complementary colours

Naturally, your closet should be designed in a way that complements the entire get-up of your bedroom. Since the wardrobe is often the biggest fixture in your room, they have become a huge part of the design aesthetic. Thus, if they do not sync with your room’s interior design, they can be an eyesore.

Warm, neutral tones

Nowadays, more people opt for white colour to create a clean look. Adding neutral colours can make it more appealing yet relaxed. Beige, nude, wood – these colours are welcoming, and complement the plain walls. They bring the space together, making the room appear larger and cosier.

Necessary compartments

Big mirror, pull-out trouser rack, compartment for scarfs, cabinet with shelves, wardrobe designs with mirrors, accessory tray, white material, built-in shoe rack, deep drawers, shelves – incorporating additional features when designing your wardrobe will allow you to maximise every inch of your space. Play with your creativity and go beyond the standard compartments!

Adding extra drawers can be the perfect option for storing undergarments, socks, towels, bed sheets and even your jewellery. Whenever possible, add dividers to the drawers to compartmentalise your items into a specific spot, preventing them from moving when you open and shut the drawers.

Combination of open and closed storage

Since open-concept is the trend, add this idea to your closet space. You can use it for clothes that are too clean to wash, but too dirty to be stored together with other clean clothes. Make sure to not hang too many clothes, otherwise, it will look untidy. Remember, less is more.

You can also turn an awkward corner in your room into a beautiful display for all of your favourite things. You can use the space to put books, art pieces, souvenirs from trips or even plants, turning that little space into a statement area. Use these shelves as a way to show off your style.

Minimalist Muji

A combination of Japanese Zen and minimalist style, MUJI promotes simplicity in an elegant way. Although it is plain and bare, there is something about the MUJI aesthetic that makes you feel calm. Basically, it is the perfect inspiration to design a room that makes you feel comfortable while not neglecting function and quality. It is no wonder more and more people are choosing to go with MUJI-inspired themes when they design their wardrobes.

Type of wardrobe materials you can choose from

Even if you are going for designer wardrobe options, you need to pay in mind regarding the materials used. Choosing the right type of materials for your closet is as important as the colours and designs. The key is to choose a durable wardrobe material and design that is suitable for your bedroom and style. Let’s see the popular types of wardrobe materials in Malaysia.


The sturdy solid wood

However, you need to take good care of it with timely polishing. Otherwise, it will not age well. You could use matte finish or gloss finish with wood polishing. Gloss finish will give a newer look to the wardrobe. Solid wood is also more expensive than other options, and it has a limited design range. Not only that, with forest reserves being depleted, solid wood is considered as a not eco-friendly choice for your furniture.

However, you need to take good care of it with timely polishing. Otherwise, it will not age well. Solid wood is also more expensive than other options, and it has a limited design range. Not only that, with forest reserves being depleted, solid wood is considered as a not eco-friendly choice for your furniture.

The versatile plywood

Most of us would think that plywood is a low-quality material. The truth is, that plywood is said to be the most durable material, subsequent to solid wood. They are light and versatile and do not warp since they are resistant to bending. So, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, consider plywood material.

Plywood is made of a thin layer of wood veneers. The pieces then are pressed and glued together to create a strong and sturdy material. Plywood can also be used as a base for laminates, and it allows you to be creative with the design and colours, without compromising on strength.

Plywood also has some limitations like other materials. There may be a risk of damage due to moisture and water in the plywood. Its surface paint can be peeled off if you do not take good care of it.

The affordable Medium Particle Fibreboard (MDF)


If you love the Swedish furniture giant IKEA, you might be familiar with the term MDF. This material is engineered wood, which consists of wood residue that has been hammered and pressed down into sheets. Since it is made of fine particles, its surface is smooth without any bumps, making it a great choice for design customisation.

MDF is generally much cheaper and affordable compared to plywood. It is also environmentally friendly since it is made of waste wood. However, MDF is not water-resistant and will soak up water or any other type of liquid like a sponge. It also cannot take a load of heavy items and does not hold nails and screws well.

The appealing glass material

Today, non-wood options like glass are increasingly becoming a regular feature in wardrobe design. You can choose either transparent style, or go for opaque or coloured glass for privacy.

This choice of material can make your room look and feel brighter and more spacious, creating a stunning effect and a refreshing change. They are also resistant to most scratches and nicks. The best part is, that glass wardrobes are easy to clean and maintain; you can wipe down any stains or fingerprints, making them a perfect choice for a busy household.

As with other materials, glass has its disadvantages too. The obvious drawback is that they are fragile and can easily break, requiring an expensive repair. Over time, it can also become discoloured and may need replacement, an extra cost for you to think about.

How to choose the right wardrobe for your room

Wardrobe selection can be challenging. You need to figure out your bedroom storage solutions while finding the right balance of style and functionality between your closet and the rest of your bedroom furniture. Check out our guide to choosing the right wardrobe to help you make the right choice.

Step 1: Take your pick

This is the first and most important decision you need to make. Are you looking for a traditional and simple freestanding wardrobe, or do you have extra space for a built-in wardrobe like in your favourite Hollywood movies?

If you need ideas and inspiration, follow some interior designs work. Design solutions advice by interior designer is also a good start. Moreover, you could also get any inspiration from Pinterest. Take your pick depending on the space availability, your preference and your budget.

Step 2: Measure the space

Next comes the wardrobe measurement. Think of where exactly you will place the wardrobe, and make sure you are firm on this. A large piece of furniture is often difficult to move around so it needs to fit perfectly in ample space, especially if your rooms only have one suitable space for a bulky size item.

Locate the spot where you want your dresser to be, take a measuring tape and start checking the height, length and width of the area. If your budget and space allow, go as big as possible but stick to the realistic limitations. You still need extra space to easily open the door, if any, or to walk around and put other items in your room.

Step 3: Determine the functionality

What sort of storage space do you mainly need? Do you have long outfits? Do you need drawers to store your accessories? Are you going to store your shoes as well? What about luggage and bags?

There are unlimited options on the market regarding the combination of rods, shelves, drawers and racks that you can choose from. Many wardrobes now offer innovative interior designs with adjustable rods, jewellery drawers and built-in shoe racks. Once you have set out exactly what your wardrobe will be used for, you can think about its practicality and functionality, which will help in choosing the interior specifications.

Step 4: Pick a style

As a dominant piece of furniture, the wardrobe design contributes greatly to your overall bedroom style and theme. From classic to sleek contemporary, minimalist MUJI to ornate vintage, there are endless stylish closet for you to pick from.

Just make sure to match the wardrobe design with the bedroom theme and other pieces of furniture like your bed and dressing table. If your theme is minimalist Scandinavian chic and you choose a bright funky wardrobe, it might look awkward and out of place. 


A carefully chosen wardrobe is key to turning your room into a clutter-free sanctuary. An ideal wardrobe can emphasise the look of your room, while also giving you ample storage for all your belongings. Keep these crucial considerations in mind when selecting a wardrobe to ensure that you have the finest according to your preference!

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