Bloomsvale Bird Eye View
  • In Progress


  • Service Residence
660 ft² - 1849 ft²
1 - 4
1 - 3
Construction ProgressLevel 2A

Bloomsvale Overview

Bloomsvale, Menara Vista Petaling @ OKR (Old Klang Road), is a very bold building idea and project by Kerjaya Prospek Property Group (KPPG). One of many projects made by KPP, they, like the many other developers before them, are all vying for a piece of the work from home and work where you live mentality of the very old days.

This building is set to be another transition Malaysia is going through, which is to build many amenities in on one large piece of land and build housing units around or on the land itself; creating the blend of work-life balance and work-from-home, right at your doorstep.

Its aim is to bridge the gap between the old and new, by providing much-needed job opportunities and ease of access for anyone choosing to live within a community that gives so many everyday essential needs for the common household to not only live but thrive as a family and as a community.

It contains a shopping mall with much-needed groceries for the residents living there and it even has its own hotel; a world-class hotel called the Courtyard by Marriot. It is connected to many other eatery and business places outside of Bloomsvale and even provides state of the art technologies to ensure the safety and security of the people working and living within the vicinity of the building. The trend of building high-rise buildings with many facilities and everyday amenities is not new or even unheard of. It was actually conceived from a United Nations Conference.

Back in 1992, an environment and development plan called Agenda 21 was signed by 178 countries and Malaysia is also one of them. By reducing a lot of carbon footprint and making sustainability a reality, building everything into one huge land and place is one of the ways put forward from the conclusion of the Geneva Convention. The Bloomsvale project is not only just an effort to conform to Agenda 21 standards, but it also has many intricate layers of design and style; clearly meant to enrich both the lives of old and new groups of individuals who are either from OKR or different states.

Bloomsvale Location


Located just 10 minutes from the NPE {2.0km} (New Pantai Expressway), there are more than one bypass or ramps that connect one road to the other, giving the people of the Bloomsvale project an opportunity to drive in relative ease to many other places of interest, to their hearts desire.

This highway connects Subang Jaya all the way to Bangsar, or towards KL-Seremban close to the Kuchai Lama junction via Bundar Sunway; which exits Jalan Klang Lama from Kg. Medan, Taman Maju Jaya, and the Pantai Dalam areas.

The 19.6km expressway is comprised of the Main Link (14km) as well as the Salak Link (5.6km). Here the Main Link connects Subang Jaya to Bangsar while the Salak Link links Pantai Dalam to Salak South. This highway is also connected to the North-South Expressway (PLUS) via the Salak Link through Jalan Kuchai Lama, thus eliminating loads of travel time for the residents to commute to and from their workplaces.

It has a flyover towards Bangsar and the Kewajipan Ramp with a ramp from Jalan Kewajipan to the NPE expressway; it also brings you close to the shopping complex landmark of Sunway Pyramid at Bandar Sunway. This expressway also has many interchanges and ramps going off to many other places such as the Kewajipan Interchange, PJS 8/1 Interchange, Templer Interchange, Pantai Dalam Interchange, Pantai Bahru Interchange, Taman Desa Interchange, Tujuan Interchange, Sg Way Ramp, Angkasapuri Ramp and of course the Jalan Klang Lama. Other expressways that are also close by are KESAS (2.2km), MEX (2,5km), FEDERAL (5.0km), LDP (5.5km) and KL-Seremban Highway (7.5km).


Bloomsvale is located just 15 minutes from Mid Valley City Mall, and it is also connected to many other malls such as the Scott Garden (3.0km), the Boulevard IOI (6.0km), the Puchong IOI Mall (7.0km), the Sunway Pyramid (7.0km), the Bangsar Village Mall (8.5km) and also the Empire Subang (10.5km).

Worry not about the education side of this place as it is also very close to Kolej Megatech, just a few minutes’ walk away from the Bloomsvale area; about 100 metres or so to be exact.

If you’re looking for a school per se and not a college, then there is also a Vikas International School located about 4.1km away, making it easier for residents to commute back and forth while ensured about good education from an international standard of schooling. There are also two other Universities such as KL Gateway University and Sunway University, which aren’t that far away from each other.

Look no further than the small area of OKR as there are at least two different places to get your daily groceries and home appliances from the JAYA Grocer at the Pearl Shopping Gallery close by as well as GIANT Bandar Kinrara…not to mention the many small to medium stores opening up within the Bloomsvale’s very own upcoming Bloomsvale Mall once the building is set to be completed by the year 2023.

Even the health aspects of any human being’s life are covered and thought of before building this project. A Taman Desa Medical is the closest at around 3.5km from Bloomsvale, readily available for the quick and simple treatments for the smallest of ailments, while the ASSUNTA Hospital (6.0km), the KL Pantai Hospital (6.9km), with the Pantai Hospital Bangsar (7.5km)

The density of the area Kuchai Lama is quite compact as the streets are very close to housing areas with frequent traffic woes very close to them. Although many developments have gone into the area in an effort to raise the poverty line and standards of living, many places and roads are still congested and poses quite a problem for the locals as the smaller roads which contains most of the SME businesses are located, could not cater to the large numbers of cars driving on the road.

The neighbourhood is still retaining much of what it used to have back in the old decades, staying true in its architecture and style, while many new stores are beginning to encroach into the area. The safety and security of Kuchai Lama are actually good and satisfying as there weren’t that many crimes conducted or committed throughout the years since the area’s first inception. Expect a lot of the old and new, mingling with one another as there are many places of interest available around Bloomsvale.


  • 3.0km Scott Garden
  • 6.0km Boulevard IOI
  • 7.0km Puchong IOI Mall
  • 7.0km Mid Valley City Mall
  • 8.0km Sunway Pyramid
  • 8.5km Bangsar Village Mall
  • 10.5km Empire Subang
  • 2.0km JAYA Grocer at Pearl Shopping Gallery
  • 5.0km GIANT Bandar Kinrara


  • 100m Kolej Megatech
  • 4.1km Vikas International School
  • 6.3km KL Gateway University
  • 8.5km Sunway University

Medical Services:

  • 3.5km Taman Desa Medical
  • 6.0km ASSUNTA Hospital
  • 6.9km KL Pantai Hospital
  • 7.5km Pantai Hospital Bangsar

Public Transportation:

  • 100m Bus Stop
  • 1.5km KTM Petaling
  • 2.5km KTM Templer
  • 4.5km LRT BK2
  • 5.2km LRT BK5
  • 6.5km LRT IOI Puchong


  • 1.4km Sport Arena Sentosa
  • 4.2km Bukit Gasing Forest Park
  • 8.5km Sunway Lagoon

Bloomsvale Floor Plan

Based on the images attached under the floor plan section of this property listing, potential buyers have various choices to choose from. The layout is still quite large for an apartment complex, suggesting to the viewers that this is meant to give tenants a feel of luxurious comfort and qualitative living.

It is a high-rise apartment complex, with focuses on ease of access and building tall instead of expanding wide, with as much as 66 units of varying loft specifications and individual needs for single living to family living; ranging from 661 SQ. FT. all the way to 1,606 SQ. FT.

Below is a table which outlines the built-up size and approximate starting price respectively:

wdt_ID Type Built-Up (Sq.ft.) Starting Price
1 1 Bedrooms - 1Bed+1Bath 660 539,000
2 2 Bedrooms - 2Beds+2Baths 660 537,000
3 2 Bedrooms - 2Beds+2Baths 730 561,000
4 3 Bedrooms - 3Beds+2Baths 822 648,000
5 3 Bedrooms - 3Beds+3Baths 1,422 1,166,000
6 4 Bedrooms - 4Beds+3Baths 1,483 1,198,000
7 3 Bedrooms - 3Beds+3Baths 1,849 1,466,000

Bloomsvale Facilities and Amenities

Here, once more the Kerjaya Prospek Property Group seeks to outdo themselves with aggressive planning and forward-thinking in what they planned to do with this Bloomsvale project. The number of facilities a/o amenities is as many if not more than what their other housing projects provided, making the buying or renting of the many units much more enticing and viable.

In addition to the many amenities, the building itself offers, there is a police station just a few minutes away from the apartment complex. There are also at least two KTM stations and another upcoming LRT station close to the apartments that connect and transits to many major stations that would actually make driving less and less valid, saving a ton of money in the long run for any up and coming young families.

Being so close to the Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, a Bukit Gasing Forest Park and even the Bukit Jalil National Stadium…there is just so many things to do and places to shop and visit that makes this place all the more appealing. No tenant will ever feel completely isolated or lonely with the old locals close by and the units even come with its own security app that can be monitored and controlled by the touch of your fingers. Looking to be a cut above the rest of the competition, quality and top-notch finishes are what KPPG are looking to set themselves from the rest of the pack.

Facilities and Amenities:

  • Basketball court
  • Barbeque Area
  • Cafe
  • Function room
  • Gymnasium room
  • Landscaped Garden
  • Lounge
  • Playground
  • Pantry
  • Putting Green
  • Reading Room
  • Surau (Male & Female)
  • Swimming pool
  • Tennis courts

Bloomsvale Property Analysis

Target Market

Since this project is still very new and only estimated to be completed by 2023, KPPG could only rely on and take data from what they have already compiled through the many years of building and researching local markets in whatever state they so happened to build in. Their target market is basically going for the buyers who are living in their old homes and want better security and facilities that would be able to cater to their young families and children, with bigger sized units for expansion options and for those looking to cater extra guests. Thus the target market would be owner-occupiers and young families looking to grow their family.

And so with the units ranging from two-bedrooms, three-bedrooms and the four-bedrooms, Bloomsvale has enough to provide varieties for many groups of individual preferences. With the Courtyard hotel by Marriot, they are looking to entice the elites and high-class citizens to visit and relish in the high, luxurious standards that come from the people behind the Marriot hotels. Here are the sizes for the available units:

Competitor Analysis

wdt_ID Project Land Tenure Approximate Price PSF Completion Built-up Area (sq ft) Approximate Launch Price
1 Bloomsvale Freehold RM 814 2,023 660 – 1,849 From RM 537,000
2 The Hermington by Aset Kayamas Leasehold  RM 419 2,020 From 1,075  From RM 450,000
3 The Riyang by Suntrack Development Sdn Bhd Freehold  RM 550 2,020 1,477 – 2,798  From RM 813,000
4 Residensi Far East by Far East Kuchai Development Sdn Bhd Leasehold  RM 699 2,021 657 – 1,107  From RM 459,000
5 GenKL by Asiana Agresif Sdn Bhd Freehold  RM 783 2,019 1,150 – 1,894  From RM 900,000
6 M Oscar by Mah Sing Group Freehold RM 604 2,023 709 – 1,198  From RM 428,000
7 Waltz Residences by WCT Holdings Berhad Freehold RM 859 2,020 948 – 1,691  From RM 814,000

From a quantitative perspective, the price PSF for the Bloomsvale project is on the higher end. On average, the upcoming projects have a price PSF of about RM 675.40. Waltz Residences by WCT Holdings Berhad is the only project that has a price PSF higher than Bloomsvale. Given the higher than average price PSF, KPPG targets the high-income professionals market.

In terms of the starting built-up area, Bloomsvale is among the smallest size at 660 sq ft, being only 3 sq ft larger than the Residensi Far East project by Far East Kuchai Development Sdn Bhd. However, Bloomsvale also offers larger unit spaces with a cap at 1849 sq ft. This built-up size is among the biggest in the area and targets larger families looking for more space for the household.

From what KPPG can see from this table, competition is high and the vast majority of them are focusing more on giving the best of family orientations to the masses in Malaysia, as they too know and are aware of the economic difficulties which are plaguing the citizens of Malaysia. And so they all are trying to ensure the sustainability and feasibility of the ordinary people, to live happy and content lives; relieving stress and debts that would haunt them.

Amongst the general populace, there is a need for permanency and a sense of ownership from an economic standpoint within the current state of Malaysia’s economic scene. And as such, the units are all made with that in mind; with the tenure only in freehold, making the possibility of security in any family’s future all the more certain and stable for the foreseeable future

While the units are only available for freehold, older couples or families would prefer the leasehold ownership as they are less likely to expand their families. Leasehold would therefore be beneficial to those who are not looking to break the bank with their retirement savings.

On the other hand, young couples looking to start a family might think a leasehold plan instead of the freehold as a starting family might be okay with the available space in the unit but may wish to move out into a landed property when their family gets bigger than what the unit could accommodate. Still, a small family who sees the benefits of apartment living and is not too keen on going for a landed property would very much apply a freehold plan so that their future is at least set in terms of accommodation.

Bloomsvale’s Developer: Kerjaya Prospek Property Group

The Kerjaya Prospek Property Group is currently in the midst of another two residency projects which are the Kaleidoscope At Setiawangsa as well as the Straits Residences. With the Kaleidoscope Project, its aim is to build a home that is nestled right and the hillside of Bukit Dinding, amidst the 200-acre forest; with aims to provide a very cosy and natural communal living, plenty of stunning views to complement the family life. They plan to have tall towers and a stark contrast with its lush green forests.

For Straits Residences, however, seems to go beyond the ordinary and place themselves right beside the Andaman Sea, a marina lifestyle with a small wharf for all those elites who could afford to sail their own boats. It aims to blend cosmopolitan living and urban lifestyle with privacy and exclusivity. Definitely more for the upper-class citizens, this residency is situated in an upscale part of the Penang neighbourhood.

Read more

Land Title:
  • Service Residence
1 - 4
1 - 3
Property status:
RM537,000 - RM1,446,000
Kerjaya Prospek Property Sdn Bhd
No. of Storeys:
Total Units:
Year Of Completion:
Built-up Area (BUA):
660 ft² - 1849 ft²
Maintenance Fee:
RM0.35 psf
  • Pool
  • Barbeque Area
  • Basketball Court
  • Clubhouse
  • Function Room
  • Gymnasium
  • Landscaped Garden
  • Pool Deck
  • Surau
  • Tennis Court


  • Kuala Lumpur,
  • Sri Petaling


Floor Plan

3d Tour

  • In Progress
From RM782,000
  • Service Residence
1 - 2
1 - 2
454 ft² - 882 ft²
  • In Progress
From RM377,000
  • Service Residence
1 - 2
1 - 2
500 ft² - 700 ft²
  • In Progress
From RM1,000,000
  • Service Residence
1 - 4
1 - 4
455 ft² - 2455 ft²
  • In Progress
From RM400,000
  • Service Residence
1 - 3
1 - 2
653 ft² - 1232 ft²
From RM537,000

Unique Selling Propositions

Freehold Mixed Development
A freehold, mixed development located in OKR comprising service residences, retail malls, high-end hotels and offices.
A Dynamic Township
Strategically located along Old Klang Road, surrounded by various conveniences and amenities.
Astonishing Cityscape
The tallest sky bridge in Malaysia, offering a 360-degree view of the skyline of Kuala Lumpur.




Tower A (Vinca) Launch

Kerjaya Prospek Property director Datuk Tee Eng Ho said that the group will be launching the first component —Tower A of its serviced apartment called Vinca— in 4Q2019.




Tower B (Verbena) Launch


Hotel Suites Launch


Office Suites Launch


Shopping Mall Launch

Decision Drivers

Value For Money
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