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Amverton Greens

  • Condominium
953 ft² - 1528 ft²
3 - 4
2 - 5
Construction ProgressLevel 2C

Amverton Greens Overview

“Perfectly balanced, as all things should be’’, this quote from the movie Avengers: Infinity War perfectly describes the package of benefits that Amverton Greens offer to its prospective residents. Located in Kota Kemuning, an area that is well-known for its balance between urban development and nature-like living environment, Amverton Greens is ideal for upgraders who wish to enjoy the peaceful lifestyle after a busy working day in the city centre. With only eight condominium units per floor spanning across three towers, the low population density (280 units) of Amverton Greens is attractive to those who desire for exclusive high-rise living lifestyle.

The excellent connectivity with major expressways and convenience of amenities around the residence, the reasonable pricing and its abundant communal facilities are also the key factors that make the deal to stay at Amverton Greens irresistible. In addition, Amverton Greens is perfect for golfers as their dream home since it is near two of the finest golf courses in the country.

Amverton Greens Location

Amverton Greens is in Kota Kemuning, one of the townships of Shah Alam, the state capital of Selangor. Kota Kemuning was developed by HICOM-Gamuda Development Sdn Bhd in 1994, and it has since become one of Klang Valley’s finest residential areas due to its harmony between urban development and back-to-nature living. Over 200,000 people live in this township, which covers an area of 1820 acres. As a result of new developments, this number is expected to grow quickly. A variety of residential properties are built in this region, including semi-detached houses, bungalows, condominiums, and affordable apartments.

Besides that, commercial developments such as commercial centres, shop offices, commercial land, terraced and semi-detached factories are carried out in the area to fulfil the needs of the residents. Demographically, residents in Kota Kemuning are predominantly Chinese followed by Malay and Indian.

The traffic condition within Kota Kemuning is generally smooth with its location approximately 25 km southwest of Kuala Lumpur. However, residents can be frustrated trying to get onto Lebuhraya Shah Alam (KESAS) highway during peak hours due to congestion of the roads by a large number of motorists who use the particular highway to get to the city centre.

The crime rate in the area is considered to be low as a number of residences there are gated with dedicated security measures. In addition, the safety of the residents in Kota Kemuning is safeguarded by Pondok Polis Kota Kemuning, in which one takes about 8 minutes’ drive from Amverton Greens.

Specifically, Amverton Greens is sited right beside renowned Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort, one of the earliest yet successful project developments under HIL. Thus, residents will have the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of the greenish golf course right at their home peacefully.


Amverton Greens is accessible via major highways including Lebuhraya Kemuning Shah Alam (LKSA), Lebuhraya Shah Alam (KESAS), Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP), New Pantai Expressway (NPE), New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE), South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE), Federal Highway, Guthrie Corridor Expressway and West Coast Expressway (under construction). As a result, residents will be able to drive around freely within nearby regions at ease.

The public transportation system in the area surrounding Amverton Greens is limited to bus as the only option available. The nearest bus stop (Kemuning Greenhills Playground) from Amverton Greens is located at Jalan Sungai Rincing 32/62 that one requires 11 minutes’ walk journey. RapidKL bus (route T756), which stops at this bus stop, serves from Shah Alam Bus Terminal to Kota Kemuning via Taman Sri Muda. Some of the notable stops it makes are AEON BiG Bukit Rimau and Chinese Taipei School. This bus route makes up for the lack of LRT/MRT stations within the region by acting as a connection to another bus route (SA08) that serves from LRT Alam Megah to Kota Kemuning.


Parents who are concerned about their children’s education will be pleased with the options of schools and learning centres available nearby the development.

Three major shopping malls or grocery stores are within the vicinity of Amverton Greens, ensuring all residents’ shopping needs are fulfilled.

Columbia Asia Hospital, the nearest hospital from Amverton Greens, is reachable by car within 5 minutes.
Other amenities in the vicinity of Amverton Greens include banks, F&B outlets, pharmacies, clinics, petrol stations and other shop lots.

Golfers who are residents of Amverton Greens will have their games literally served at their doorstep as it only takes 5 minutes’ walk from the residence to Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort, one of the world-class golf courses in Malaysia. Residents can enjoy the facilities offered there at special rates as they will receive a complimentary Amverton Lifestyle Membership when purchasing a unit of Amverton Greens. Another golf course – Kota Permai Golf & Country Club, is also close by with just 7 minutes’ drive.


  • Chinese Taipei School
  • SJK(C) Chung Hua Kota Kemuning
  • SMK Bukit Rimau


  • Econsave Bukit Kemuning
  • AEON BiG Bukit Rimau
  • Gamuda Walk Mall


  • Columbia Asia Hospital


  • Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort
  • Kota Permai Golf & Country Club

Amverton Greens Floor Plan

Amverton Greens comprises three towers of freehold low-rise condominium units. It has a low density (280 units) across its towers, i.e., it has only eight units per floor. Amvertons Greens has five unit types, ranging from 953 – 1528 sq. ft. each, catering to prospective buyers of different needs. In terms of similarities, each unit has a minimum of three bedrooms with one being a master bedroom, two bathrooms and will be allocated with at least two car park bays. All units also come with a balcony, which provides an astonishing view over greenery nearby to residents after a hard day at work.

The following depicts the configuration of said layouts:

Amverton Greens Floor Plan Type A

Amverton Greens Floor Plan Type B

Amverton Greens Floor Plan Type C

Amverton Greens Floor Plan Type D

Amverton Greens Floor Plan Type E

Type A is the smallest (953 sq. ft.) unit offered, which comes with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Note that one of the bathrooms is located inside the master bedroom whereas the other is a shared bathroom. Type B follows a similar layout to Type A but with an elongated shape and occupies a slightly larger size of 1068 sq. ft. than that of Type A. These units are suitable for small families due to the small sizes of the units.

Type C has a median side of 1180 sq. ft. and it comes with three bedrooms and four bathrooms. Other than the master bedroom, one of the bedrooms of Type C unit also has its own bathroom. Type E follows a similar layout to Type C but it is slightly more spacious (1300 sq. ft.) than Type C. Both Types C and D units feature a study room that can be converted for other uses such as a bedroom depending on the needs of the families. Hence, Types C and D units are ideal for medium-sized families that require a very spacious living environment for better living experience.

The design layout of type D is perhaps the most intriguing among all the units offered at Amverton Greens. It is a dual key concept unit with a size of 1528 sq. ft., making it the largest unit available for buyers. It has a self-contained studio with a balcony and a main condominium that is essentially similar to layout of Type C. There are separate lockable doors to each section at the common hallway within the whole unit. This kind of property appeals to investors who are seeking their first residential property as well as a source of income at the same time. They can live in the main section as a family and rent the studio out for working professionals and vice versa.

Amverton Greens Facilities and Amenities

When it comes to facilities and amenities, Amverton Greens keeps up to par with the standards expected of typical condominiums. They are specially curated for residents to rejuvenate their souls and ease their mind. This is exemplified by the list of podium level facilities prepared based on 3R’s, i.e., refresh, relax and revitalise. There is always something enjoyable for both adults and children to do at the residence. Residents can go for a swim in 25 m lap pool with infinity pool effect or do yoga at meditation deck. Besides that, residents are assured of a comfortable area for socializing and exercising in the clubhouse. The facilities at Amverton Greens are a great complement to the main theme of the neighbourhood – golfing.

Clubhouse facilities:

  • Café
  • Multi-purpose hall
  • Gymnasium
  • Sauna
  • Changing rooms
  • Reading room
  • Games room
  • Mini theatre
  • Surau
  • Management office
  • Facilities (located on Level 4):
  • Refresh
  • 25 m lap pool with infinity pool effect
  • Wet deck
  • Spa pool
  • Beach deck
  • Kid’s water play pool
  • Mini lazy river
  • Wading pool
  • Outdoor shower
  • Sun Deck
  • Pool Deck
  • Floating bridge (stepping stone)
  • Relax
  • Tertier garden
  • Open lawn
  • Maze garden
  • Orchard garden
  • Gazebo
  • BBQ pits
  • Picnic area
  • Chess garden
  • Children’s playground
  • Trellis garden
  • Lounge area
  • Revitalise
  • Meditation deck
  • Reflexology path
  • Herbs garden
  • Floating path

Last but not least, the property is equipped with multi-tier security with 24-hr CCTV surveillance that ensures the safety of residents within the vicinity.

Amverton Greens Property Analysis

The construction project of Amverton Greens is expected to be completed in 2021. With its limited number of units up for grab, this property of low population density is built for upgraders who desire for exclusive yet comfortable high-rise living lifestyle.

Amverton Greens’ location in Kota Kemuning coupled with its easy connectivity to major highways will attract interests of the buyers. Despite that, its location far away from the city centre and the possibility of getting annoyed by heavy traffic when travelling to city centre to work may put potential purchasers off.

That being said, this project appeals to those who appreciate the experience of living in a lush neighbourhood while do not mind of experiencing the hassle of commuting. The varieties of facilities at the clubhouse and communal area is a huge plus point for attracting purchasers as the developer aims to create a resort ambience to fulfil wide-ranging recreation interests.

Target Market

Amverton Greens targets niche resident of medium-sized families, investors and golf enthusiasts. This is shown by the relatively moderate unit sizes and number of bedrooms in their offering. The dual key concept in the largest unit proposed by Amverton Greens certainly will catch investors’ eyes. On the contrary, Amverton Greens will be a golfers’ paradise as two prestigious golf courses are reachable within minutes by car. In addition, the exclusivity of the facilities, low density of units coupled with scenic views in the neighbourhood will appeal to those who take their living lifestyle seriously.

Competitor Analysis

A number of condominium developments can be found in the region and few are selected for comparisons against Amverton Greens in terms of their locations, built-up, prices, land tenure and year of completions. Amverton Greens is located about 3 km away from all other condominiums, in which these condominiums are located near to each other. This means that residents at Amverton Greens can enjoy the calmness and a better view from the balcony compared to other condominiums.

Gaya Resort Homes has the largest built-up area range (751 – 1462 sq. ft.) followed by Amverton Greens (953 – 1528 sq. ft.), which offers the largest unit size (1528 sq. ft.) for selection. The price PSF for Amverton Greens is about RM 523 compared to that of RM 478 for Gaya Resort Homes. However, built in 2017, Gaya Resort Homes is the oldest property amongst the residences and thus may not appeal to upgraders who are looking to reside in new properties.

Amverton Greens and The Amber Residence, on the other hand, are the latest properties offerings that are scheduled to be completed in 2021. With the highest price PSF of RM 639, the leasehold condominium offered by The Amber Residence appears to be less of a good deal compared to Amverton Greens as it is a freehold property with a more affordable price tag. Although the price PSF of The Armanna is moderate (from RM 550), the limited layout choices it has and its completion year of two years ago in 2018 seem to make it less attractive to those who are searching for a wide selection of new unit sizes to choose from. GEO Bukit Rimau offers smaller units and it also does not offer better value for money with a higher price PSF (from RM 580), as opposed to Amverton Greens.

wdt_ID Development Built-Up Area Selling Price Price PSF Land Tenure Completion Year
1 Amverton Greens (HIL Industries Berhad) 953 – 1528 sq. ft. From RM 499,000 From RM 523 Freehold 2021
2 GEO Bukit Rimau (Knox Wawasan Development Sdn Bhd) 655 – 1035 sq. ft. From RM 380,000 From RM 580 Freehold 2020
3 The Armanna (Simas-D Sdn Bhd) 1023 – 1183 sq. ft. From RM 563,000 From RM 550 Freehold 2018
4 The Amber Residence (Gamuda Land) 657 – 1001 sq. ft. From RM 420,000 From RM 639 Leasehold 2021
5 Gaya Resort Homes (PDMC Property Sdn Bhd) 751 – 1462 sq. ft. From RM 359,000 From RM 478 Freehold 2017

Amverton Greens Developer: HIL Industries Berhad

HIL Industries Berhad started off as a trader and manufacturer of moulded plastic products in Malaysia in 1969. HIL’s products can be found in various industries, ranging from the automotive to consumer electronics as well as IT-related industries. In 1995, the corporate ventured into the property development through its subsidiaries in the effort to grow and diversify its earning base. HIL Industries Bhd is considered as the pioneer developer of Kota Kemuning South with the development of the Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort in the early days. Since then, HIL Industries Bhd has been and is focused on housing development projects within the mature enclaves of Kota Kemuning and Klang.

Among the successful projects developed by HIL Industries Bhd are Kemuning Greenhills – Quadz & Cluster and Taman Kemuning Hijauan 116. Amverton Greens, 108 Terraces and Amverton Links are some of the current projects that are in their hands. From their track record alone, it is clear that HIL Industries Bhd is one of the household names in developing property development, especially in the Klang region. HIL Industries Bhd continues to focus to their vision, i.e., “Delivering Affordable Dream Homes’’, a product desired by abundant demand.


Overall, the benefits of staying at Amverton Greens are reserved for someone who is looking forward to living a resort-like lifestyle with a sense of exclusivity. It allows residents to have a peace of mind at the residence with surrounded green spaces after having a hectic day from working in the bustling city.

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Land Title:
  • Condominium
3 - 4
2 - 5
Property status:
  • Hot
RM499,000 - RM1,029,800
HIL Industries Bhd
No. of Storeys:
Total Units:
Year Of Completion:
Built-up Area (BUA):
953 ft² - 1528 ft²
Maintenance Fee:
RM0.25 psf
  • Cafeterias/Eateries
  • Barbeque Area
  • Gymnasium
  • Landscaped Garden
  • Pool
  • Pool Deck
  • Reading Room
  • Sauna
  • Surau
  • View
  • Yoga Room / Deck


  • Selangor,
  • Kota Kemuning

Floor Plan

  • In Progress
From RM506,000
  • Service Residence,
  • SOFO
2 - 3
2 - 3
452 ft² - 1111 ft²
  • In Progress
From RM782,000
  • Service Residence
1 - 2
1 - 2
454 ft² - 882 ft²
  • In Progress
From RM377,000
  • Service Residence
1 - 2
1 - 2
500 ft² - 700 ft²
  • In Progress
From RM567,800
  • Service Residence
2 - 4
813 ft² - 1285 ft²
From RM499,000

Unique Selling Propositions

  1. Freehold
    Great investment for generations to come
  2. Low density
    Only 128 units spreads across 16-storeys for each block
  3. Practical layout
    Elegant and spacious units with great choices of built-ups
  4. Complimentary membership
    Owners of Amverton Greens are entitled to Amverton Lifestyle membership



26th March 2017

HIL Industries Bhd to Launch Amverton Greens This Year

HIL Industries Bhd managing director and CEO Datuk Milton Ng said that they will be launching Amverton Greens, which has a GDV of RM 195 million, by the end of March.


Decision Drivers

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